Doubting if your practice is good enough to do a yoga teacher training?

Are you doubting yourself? Questioning if you are ready to go on a yoga teacher training?

Am I ready for a TTC?
Is my practice strong enough?
I don’t know enough about yoga?
Have I been practising long enough?

Does this sound familiar?

In the weeks before a yoga TTC begins these questions and many more can plague the anxious and excited minds of students who have signed up for a training. Its also something that crosses the mind creating doubts for people who are considering joining a training and they start holding back because of their fears, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of going out of their comfort zone.

Fear not! The most important requirement of a prospective student who wishes to sign up on a Tribe yoga teacher training course is to show up and gift oneself with, what is often, a once in a lifetime yoga immersion. Its the Tribe teaching teams’s job to cultivate a space for you as an individual to recalibrate yourself on all levels. The Tribe training is a place that you come to explore, experiment and engage in the practice of yoga regardless of your previous experience or understanding.

There is no judgement on what you can or cant do, what you know or don’t know. The training offers a journey of stillness, self reflection, connection and self love and all that is asked of you is that you arrive with a readiness and commitment to study and practice yoga with an openness and readiness to allow the yoga to lead you into a place of healing, growth and transformation… that’s what’s yoga is for!

Regardless of what’s going on in the background of your life signing up for a training will give you time and space to recharge and reboot your system.

The tools and practices that you will learn might just be that extra support in your life that is needed for you to come into that place of self-expression and self-empowerment that you are looking for. Thereafter you will be better equipped to flow through your days in a more focused, balanced, successful, happy, and harmonious way.

The real questions to ask yourself is