Chris Leuenberger

Chris Leuenberger was born in 1979 near Bern, Switzerland. He first discovered yoga in 2001 when studying acting in California and felt at home immediately. For once the focus wasn’t on projecting outward and expressing oneself, but much more on inward listening, letting go and settling in the moment.

Since then yoga has been his constant companion and haven of peace. During his contemporary dance studies in Amsterdam yoga was an important part of the curriculum. It kept supporting and nourishing him throughout his subsequent career as a freelance dancer and choreographer and has continuously helped him find peace of mind, inner strength and balance. Yoga was and still is the perfect antidote to Chris’ busy lifestyle of traveling around the world with different projects and performances.

His yoga practice has been and continues to be inspired and enriched by a variety of styles and teachers. Here just some of the places and yogis that played an important role in his development: Svaha Yoga Amsterdam, Jivamukti and Ashtanga Yoga Berlin, Scarlett Dee, Mark Ansari, Raquel Salvador, Sequoia Henning, Stephen Thomas, Gaia Ceccarelli, Christian Klix, Reinhard Gammenthaler, Heidi Aemisegger.

In January 2011 Chris completed his first 200h teacher training with Tribe in Goa. Since then he has taught yoga classes in Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Uruguay, Brazil and Germany. In summer 2016 he went on to complete his 500 hour RYT training at Tribe’s headquarters in the Austrian Alps.

Chris regularly teaches at Open-Yoga in Bern and offers workshops and retreats both locally and internationally. His classes are based on the Astanga Vinyasa method. Individual asanas are coordinated with the breath and linked with each other like a dance. This flowing style of yoga can be quite dynamic or more meditative depending on the level of the students and the desired effects of the class

In his classes and workshops he often includes elements of meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) as well as sound explorations.


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