Sequoia Henning

Sequoia was born in Canada April 20th 1970. Nowadays she lives in India six months of the year teaching and studying and is a spiritual gypsy the rest of the year.

She began her spiritual journey in her teenage years when she would secretly attend chakra meditation classes in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This was the start of her spiritual exploration. Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge encouraged her to seek for more through the many classes, workshops and retreats in yoga, healing arts, metaphysics, and personal development activities.

Since those early beginnings Sequoia has invested many years in continuous study in the healing arts and yoga and from 1999 to 2007 she ran her own holistic company in Kelowna, B.C, Canada.

On her second trip to India in 1993 she found that whilst studying Shivanada and Iyengar intensely for 2 months her life completely changed and her spiritual journey began in earnest. Since then she has been studying various styles including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, and Mantra yoga in both India and North America and holds a teaching certification in Hatha yoga.

Sequoia is interested in different cultures and spirituality. She is greatly influenced by the philosophies of Yoga, Buddhism, and Aboriginal Native traditions.

"Yoga is a way of life. It may begin on the mat in a yoga class, yet this is the door way to creating inner stillness, conscious awareness and surrender. Over time with the practice one begins to deepen the relationship to the body, mind and spirit, which brings us into meeting our authentic self. Slowly the awareness expands off the mat and is integrated into our daily life which brings a transformative new perception.

My own journey of yoga has evolved into a beautiful path in which i have discovered how obstacles and challenges can be overcome through an expanded stillness and a deepening awareness. I am grateful for the yoga teachings that are forever present in each breath and the possibility of surrender that this brings to me”.

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