6 Reasons Becoming a Yoga Teacher Will Reward and Benefit You

Do you think you’re ready to begin on the path to becoming a yoga teacher, but you still aren’t sure it’s the right avenue to walk on your journey? Are you on the fence, wondering whether the rewards and benefits will be enough to pay off for the time, dedication, and money you will have to devote to yoga teacher training? If so, read on, faithful audience!

Yoga means a union of the mind, body, and spirit with the Divine, both a state of consciousness and a method to help one reach that goal. Teaching yoga helps others reach that goal, and as such it is an exceptionally rewarding and beneficial hobby or profession, but don’t just take our word for it. Here are 6 real benefits to becoming a yoga teacher; 6 ways that this path will reward you and benefit you.

1. It’s so rewarding to support and inspire others on their journey.

When you see others begin their path to spiritual and physical healing, there’s barely a better feeling in the world. You have a story to tell, whether you realize it or not, and your story will spur others on to taking their own journey and developing their own tales to tell. Teaching yoga helps provide your students with the tools they need to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and seeing our students begin that journey is one of the most rewarding aspects of being yoga teachers.

2. Seeing the growth, healing, transformation, and evolution in your students is amazing.

As your classes progress, you’ll watch your students transform from clumsy, misguided fawns into graceful, majestic bucks and does. They’ll evolve from barely being able to complete the simplest posture or asana to being so graceful and in tune with their minds, bodies, and souls that they are able to practice even the most advanced, intricate aspects of yoga. Watching this evolution is amazing, but there’s even more. You’ll see them transform, you’ll see them benefit from physical, spiritual, and emotional healing, and you’ll know that you played a part in improving their overall health and consciousness. It’s truly amazing, like watching a caterpillar transform into a gorgeous butterfly.


3. You not only teach your students, but learn from them as well!

As you help others increase their knowledge, your own understanding of the yogic practice and lifestyle will deepen and expand. You’ll find yourself learning so much from your students, too, as you hear their own stories and see how yoga transforms them and helps them achieve oneness between their mind, body, and soul. Spurring your students along to greater heights of relaxation and consciousness will even inspire your own practice to grow deeper and more complete, and your service to the yogic community will pay off with lasting rewards of inner peace and the knowledge that you are helping others find that same serenity in their innermost places.

4. Teaching will validate and enhance your own understanding and interpretation of yoga.

As we said in the previous benefit, teaching validates your own understanding and interpretation of yoga. You’ll learn new ways of promoting the values of yoga, as well as innovative ways to help students practice the right postures and asanas. You’ll become more in tune with the five points of yoga, including exercise (asanas), breathing (pranayama), relaxation, diet, and positive thinking (vedanta) and meditation (dhyana). You’ll grow as a practitioner of yoga at the same time you are evolving into a highly effective teacher of the yogic practice and lifestyle.

5. You’ll get to travel to exotic, beautiful places, doing something you love, and get paid for it!

Your journey as a teacher of yoga doesn’t have to be limited to a spiritual and emotional journey. You can find yourself journeying to exotic, beautiful places to teach your classes. Some of the graduates of our yoga teaching classes have gone on to teach the practice at gorgeous resorts, on popular cruise lines, and even more. You can find yourself traveling to Hawaii, the Bahamas, the Mediterranean, or anywhere else you might imagine, all to teach yoga classes. The best part of these travels will be the fact that you are doing what you love, and you’re getting paid for it!

6. Teaching will stretch you to becoming more explorative and creative.

Becoming a yoga teacher requires you to stretch beyond what you know and understand, because every student brings with them unique limitations and abilities. You will become much more creative, as you learn new ways to teach the five principles and four paths of yoga, because you will be able to custom-tailor your class to the students you have. You’ll also learn to explore teaching methods and practices, evolving yourself as a yoga instructor at the same time that you are expanding your own knowledge and understanding of yoga.

Get started now!

If that sounds amazing beyond words, and you have already answered “Yes” to our five questions about whether or not you are ready to become a yoga teacher, then get off that fence! Yoga teaching is right for you, and you are right for teaching yoga. The rewards and benefits you will reap will exceed your own expectations, and you’ll find yourself a stronger practitioner of the yogic lifestyle at the same time. Get in touch with us to schedule your Level 1 Teacher Training Course, and we will get you on the path to becoming a yoga teacher.