5 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Thinking About Yoga Teacher Training

Have you been practicing yoga for years, and the thought keeps coming back to you that maybe you should become a yoga instructor? How do you know, though, that you’re ready for yoga teacher training? We get both beginners and advanced students on the level 1 Teachers’ Training Course (TTC), which is open to anybody who wants to experience a one-month immersion into yoga practice and study. Continue reading 5 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Thinking About Yoga Teacher Training

Local Balinese fisherman in bali Tribe yoga teacher training venue

Teaching team for Tribe’s Yoga Teacher Training Bali

If you are thinking of attending the Tribe Yoga Teacher Training course Bali then you may be curious to know who your teachers will be? The 2016 Bali yoga teacher training  teacher team will be no less than Raquel Salvador, Mark Ansari and Steve Hall.

Raquel and Mark, yoga teacher training teachers

Raquel is the Training facilitator and senior teacher.  She has been holding space on the Tribe Yoga TTC’s in many different countries for more than 6 years. Continue reading Teaching team for Tribe’s Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Rory Trollen

What would Buddha do?

What would the Buddha do?

I believe it was David Brent (Ricky Gervais – The Office) that first introduced me to this lovely wee filtration process…for him it was “What would the lone ranger do?”….well….I’m not a huge fan of the lone ranger myself, but to every monk, a path!

On our journey of ‘re-membering’ – renewing our membership with life; there are at times situations that present themselves where we may regret our reactions…a second, a minute, an hour….a year later…..we must sublime this reaction whereby an appropriate, non regretful response is offered there and then.

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Help Refugee

Do you really want to help and do something about the Refugee situation?

syrian refugees

Tribe yoga teacher training graduate Soulla has been teaching in London and Ibiza for many years now… She has set up an amazing platform creating a a global movement for yoga teachers, healers and wellness practitioners to join together around the world in order to raise awareness, funds and precious supplies for the current Refugee Crisis.

You’ve all seen the photo of the dead child washed up on the shore and wondered what you can do to help???… Continue reading Do you really want to help and do something about the Refugee situation?

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Goa, one of the worlds hotspots

There are a number of worldwide locations that when you arrive have a natural or cultivated spiritual ambience; Ibiza, Koh Phangan-Thailand, Bali, Rishikesh- India, Byron bay – Austrailia to name but a few.

Over the past few years Goa has evolved into somewhat of a spiritual mecca.  The number of yoga teacher training courses has skyrocketed, you can find every type of yoga retreat that you could possibly conceive of, there are yoga shalas and yoga centers in every nook and cranny and more recently the crowds are coloured by the white robes of yoga teachers and the orange robes of swarmis. Continue reading Yoga Goa, one of the worlds hotspots


A few thoughts on Uddiyana Bandha

This short post was inspired by a question from a colleague regarding Uddiyana Bandha… The question was ‘how do you feel uddiyana bandha during the practise of Ashtanga vinyasa.

The bandhas are an integral part of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, Bandha literally means “lock”, “hold” or “tighten”. Bandhas manipulate the flow of energy throughout the body and bring lightness, ease, and unbelievable depth and richness to the practice. Uddiyana means “flying up”.   Continue reading A few thoughts on Uddiyana Bandha

yoga asasna eka pada

Yoga Asana Backbending – Over doing it?

How far should we take our back bends?

For many of us extreme back bends are not what the body needs! Too oft yoga practitioners strive after postures like urdhva dhanurasana and kapotanasana with a fierce passion.  I have a students who is doing everything she can to get into full Kapotasana (arguably one of the most intense back bends possible). Whilst flexibility is vital in the spine for good health the long term effects of extreme backbends may actually be a weakening of the spine that can lead to all sorts of issues.

Remember yoga lovers that you don’t get any prizes for bending yourself in half or twisting your body into a pretzel.  (A boost to the ego maybe!) Continue reading Yoga Asana Backbending – Over doing it?


Why Tribe offers a 3 weeks, 200 hours yoga teacher training in Thailand.

Tribe has been offering 4 weeks 200 hours Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training courses in Asia and Europe for over 7 years and this year in October we have scheduled a 3 weeks, 200 hour yoga teacher training in Thailand.  To many of you 3 weeks may not sound like enough time to complete a yoga teacher training, read on to understand more…

Since the first Tribe yoga teacher training many years and over 1000 students later the course has been organically evolving and growing in strength & efficiency expressed via a well executed training with great teachers, a comprehensive manual and a great course structure. Continue reading Why Tribe offers a 3 weeks, 200 hours yoga teacher training in Thailand.


After the Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Graduate Blog #3  The Journey continues after the TTC in Thailand

Over the past week I have been craving that abundance of healing energy that I felt on the yoga teacher training Thailand course. The ‘healing’ came from the sun, the air, the community, the people, the peaceful jungle, the food and probably most of all the love and support from other students and teachers on the course. Actually whilst typing this I have a vivid memory of the last healing chant circle we did together. Wow, what a beautiful moment that was! Take me back please! I am still grateful I have the whole experience of the month to remember and think about when I am feeling depleted.

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How do you choose the right yoga teacher training

The past few years has seen a definite explosion of yoga teacher training courses in the global yoga community. The output of yoga teachers is incredible, growing more and more every year. Some schools of yoga have been running trainings for many years and are able to offer an integral and professional program of study. There are also many schools popping into existence that have substandard teachers and superficial teachings making it a minefield trying to sieve through all the countless websites that currently offer trainings. The lucky ones will find a good training via personal recommendation but in many cases people make their decisions based solely on what they have read on the internet, the schools website, testimonials etc.

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Ardha Matsyendrasana

Asana – Keeping the practice integral

What constitutes an integral practice?

What’s the difference between gymnastics and asana? Gymnastics and circus antics offer a chance to develop strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, grace and poise in the human form, so too does yoga. Gymnastics and circus depend on ones ability to focus and to concentrate in order to move dextrously and skilfully, so too does yoga. Then what is it that marks the turning point from merely a physical training to a spiritual practice? In gymnastics and circus sequences of movements are combined together to create perfection in form. They are performances whereby the rewards are in the accomplishment of the moment. Handstand into splits: done! A tumble ending in a double summersault: done! Through relentless practice the aim is to forge the body into predetermined movements, postures; form.

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