Yoga Practice for Daily Living and Spiritual Evolution

Yoga at Tribe is much more than a practice confined to a mat in a yoga studio. It’s a lifestyle and spiritual path which supports us to deepen our awareness & sensitivity, elevate our consciousness & open our hearts so we can live in a more harmonious and connected state.

When you come to Tribe you can enjoy a fusion of traditional and modern practices. Our teachers come from Ashtanga and Hatha yoga backgrounds and are well versed in traditional yogic text such as the yoga sutras and the hatha yoga pradipika. Modern styles such as vinyasa flow, dynamic yoga, yin yoga and acro yoga are also taught on Tribe yoga retreats, workshops and yoga teacher trainings.

Tribe teachers support and guide individuals to explore their full potential through spiritual teachings. Teachings that bring us into a deep rich experience of life and a wholehearted love, appreciation and connection to the divinity within us and around us.

Visit our YOGA AT TRIBE page to read more about our approach and how we share yoga.

Forthcoming Level 1 200hr YTT’s …. Find our more

Dates Location Duration
2018: 25 Feb – 18 Mar
2018: 28 Oct – 18 Nov
Thailand  3 weeks

Forthcoming Level 2 300hr YTT’s…. Find out more

2018: to be announced Austria & Goa 4 weeks

Forthcoming Retreats ….. Find out more

Dates Location Duration
2018, 23 – 28 Sep Austria – Yoga & Outdoor Adventure 6 days

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