Level 1, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa, India

 Yoga Teacher Training Goa

Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow & mixed styles
11th November – 3rd December 2017

Yoga Teacher Training Goa course. Tribe teacher Scarlett and graduates sister Leah and Chloe (the band- Rising Appalachia) at the Level 1, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India
Yoga Teacher Training Goa course. Tribe teacher Scarlett and graduate sisters Leah and Chloe (the band- Rising Appalachia).

Our Yoga Teacher Training Goa courses have been running since 2007. Those guided to come to Tribe enjoy a professionally organised Level 1, 200-hour yoga teacher training course taught by experienced and dedicated international teachers who put their whole heart and soul into creating this fantastic high-quality training. The teaching team on the Goa yoga teacher training is made up of a vibrant group experienced teachers and assistants who each bring their own individual practice and understanding to share with the selected trainees.

This 2017 Tribe yoga teacher training will take place in an amazing new venue created by a close and dear friend of ours whose speciality is catering to yogic needs. This venue is a welcome upgrade to a comfortable and luxurious environment. With direct access to the beach, we will be in heaven.
In previous years we have used much cheaper venues but this has not been so comfortable for students. We think for training purposes and the happiness of the students the little extra cost is worth it 🙂

Our Goa training is always a wonderful melting pot of different personalities, cultures, backgrounds, ideas and experiences. Broaden your perspective and venture on a very special, diverse, unique and exciting journey of new friendships, new growth and new horizons.

teaching practice at the Level 1, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India
teaching practice on the yoga teacher training  goa course .

Level 1, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa, India.
Ashtanga,  Hatha, Vinyasa Flow & Mixed Styles.

Info on this page gives the logistics about training in Goa. Please also read the Tribe YTTC General Info Page

    1. Schedule
    2. Duration
    3. Cost
    4. Teachers
    5. Maximum number of Students
    6. Location
    7. Venue & Accommodation
    8. Meals
    9. Travel Information
    10. Getting There
    11. Student Testimonial
    12. General Training Information   ***IMPORTANT *** 
    13. How to Book

1. Typical Schedule

The daily schedule for the yoga teacher training Goa:
06.00: Asana, pranayama, kriya, meditation (3½  hours)
09.30: Breakfast Smoothie
10.00: Morning lecture & Asana Methodology (2 ½ hours)
12.30: Lunch & Free Time
15-30: Teaching skills and practice (3½ hours )
19.00: Dinner
20.15: Group study, meditation or chanting (60 minutes)
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2. Duration

3 weeks
Since 2007 Tribe has offered 4 weeks, level 1, yoga teacher training Goa Courses. In 2012 we introduced the opportunity to complete the same training in 3 weeks. The quality, content and student attainment every training remains the same. Students who sign up for the 3 weeks intensive need to be fully committed and 100% focused to successfully complete the challenge a 3 week course.

3. Cost

Same Training – Different Worldwide Locations – Different cost 
The price of the training varies according to the duration, student number & Accommodation costs.
Bali: 3495, India: 2095+, Austria : 2795+, Thailand 2695+,

Yoga Alliance 200hr Certification

2095 Euros includes:
Study Materials,
Yoga Alliance Certificate,
Student Support,
Shared Accommodation, (single options available for extra cost)
All Scheduled meals.

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Yoga classes on the Yoga Teacher Training Goa course
Yoga classes on the Yoga Teacher Training Goa course

4. Teachers

The teachers for the forthcoming yoga teacher training Goa course will be

Scarlett- facilitator and senior teacher
James – senior teacher
Shelley – primary teacher

Anatomy teacher – to be announced

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5. Maximum number of Students

For this Tribe yoga teacher training Goa  course there is a maximum of 20 students
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6. Location

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7. Venue & Accommodation

We will be staying at the newly built Devarya Retreat Centre.
Before reading on CLICK HERE and visit the website 

Tribe is super excited to be able to hold our yoga teacher training course in such a stylish and comfortable environment. Normally to stay in a venue like this is super costly. In the past, we have opted for very simple accommodation to keep the cost of the training at an affordable rate. For this training Devarya Retreat Centre owned by a Tribe friend is giving us an exclusive and very special rate.  So now you can enjoy staying in a venue that’s is as special as our training.

WARNING : Don’t choose a training simply based on price.  An extremely cheap training, at best,  may be reflective of the accommodation that you will stay in, and at worst, may be an indication of the training quality.

Check in:  Saturday 11th November
– The opening ceremony starts at 4 pm.

Check out: Sunday 3rd December
– The Closing ceremony ends 7 pm on Saturday 2nd December
Leave thereafter or check out the following morning.

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8. Meals

Meals are specially prepared in the venue kitchen under the supervision of the Tribe teachers who monitor the menu and are passionate that the meals are nutritious, healthy and conducive to yogic studies.
Typically you can enjoy
Breakfast – Green Smoothie
Lunch – Healthy buffet
Dinner – Healthy buffet

Day Off
Your day off is the officially designated purification day. We recommend you use the opportunity to fast with the support of the teachers and your peers.
If you do not wish to fast meals you can sign up for meals in the venue (included in training cost) or enjoy dining  in one of the many beach restaurants

Students relax on the nearby beach, Arambol, on their day off at the Level 1, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India
Students relax on the nearby beach, Arambol, on their day off. Yoga Teacher training Goa

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9. Travel info

The two closest beach towns are Ashvem, Arambol and Mandrem. You can take a long leisurely walk along the beach to reach all three

To the North of Arambol are quiet beaches and the unspoilt coastline of Maharastra in the neighbour Indian state to Goa.

You need a tourist visa to visit India.
Please check with the Indian Embassy in your country for all the details related to applying for a tourist visa.
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10. Getting there

From the Goa Dabolim Airport, there are government taxis that can be booked on arrival.

A Government Taxi from Dabolim Airport to the venue in North Goa takes approx. 90 minutes and costs about 1700 rupees.
You can book your taxi direct through our venue. Details on booking.

You can also fly to Bombay (Mumbai), Bangalore, Delhi or other domestic airports and catch a domestic flight, train or bus to Goa depending on your budget.
For cheap international flights go to www.kayak.com
For domestic flights try www.journeymart.com or www.makemytrip.com
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11. Student Testimonials

yoga YTT graduate Leah at the Level 1, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India

The Tribe yoga teacher training was an immensely powerful tool to self-study, healing, and understanding the mechanics of the body and the mind. I came to India wanting to deepen my knowledge of the roots of yoga and was deeply inspired by the wealth of knowledge that I was given that extended far past any other studies that I had ever been part of. Truthfully I did not know what to expect at all and am incredibly moved by the powerful support and generosity the teachers offered about their own life journeys in yoga and its counterparts. The program was the most dynamic because of the encouragement each person was given to find their own voice within yoga, their own unique voice and style, and the groundwork was set from the first day to transcend any rigid dogma and create an individual path. It was a wonderful wonderful experience and I am forever touched…Thank you!…love and namaste!!!- Leah, U.S.


Alanna Hankey @ www.yogawithalanna.com at the Level 1, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, IndiaMy time with Tribe marked the beginning of my freedom. I had been slowly self-exploring for years, however, this full immersion surfaced a clear parallel between my inward and outer worlds.
The synergy that I have cultivated since this training, has opened me as a fuller person and an honest yoga teacher.
Yoga has become more than an internal practice that unfolds on my mat. Yoga has become my way of life. Namaste Tribe, Love -Alanna, Austrailia

12. Additional Training Info

For complete details on what study and practice is like on a Tribe Level 1 training please click the link below.


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13. How to Book

  1. Click on ‘Book Now’ button right side of this page.
  2. Pay 350 euros deposit
  3. Complete the application form

If accepted the deposit becomes non-refundable but can be transferred to an alternative training.
If not accepted the deposit will be immediately refunded.
Final payment is due on arrival.