After the Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Graduate Blog #2 My First Class Teaching The Public after the Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

I was fairly nervous about teaching a beginners class at a gym for the first time and had mixed feelings on how it may or may not go. Last week, I crashed on my cycle for the second time in 2 weeks! Grazed and bruised in the most awful and inconvenient places, which has made self-practise difficult and generally my health a bit weak, so after teaching my class today, I am impressed with my strength, determination and confidence throughout.

I was lucky enough to visit old friends last week who were more than willing to let me teach them in the garden! I am naturally a nervous person, today for my class I knew I had to focus on myself and found it a little difficult. Meditation was proving to clash with my high energy mode, so I then lay down in Savasana with gentle music, focusing on my breath and feelings. After the short relaxation I speed off to the gym on my bike.

I began my class by introducing myself and welcoming the class. With a few simple stretches and heading into Sun Salutations, as I started coaching and teaching I grew with confidence a long the way. All the students were women and over 40 and beginners. It was interesting to see each of them were uniquely different in their body shapes, and we talked about limitation and sensitivity a lot today. I am over the moon and have been in a brilliant mood since, as it was my first ‘proper’ class (not in the park, or teaching my friends!) I went in an open book, ready to adapt to what was to come and learnt a great deal about myself, about students, about beginners, about where I can and will improve.

After Savasana, once everyone softly came back to a seated position, I asked everyone how it went, and how they felt and they were all equally interested in what classes were to come. I didn’t introduce a theme in this class instead I guided them through health benefits and energies; after class I asked the ladies if it is something they would be interested in and they were very excited about the prospect of learning more and are looking forward to what is to come, as am I. Even though this regular class is in a gym I now know my yoga students want much more than a work out – which makes me very happy indeed!

From the beginning of this year, my life has been on full speed, with moving here and there, life changing experiences, open opportunities, and although I am craving some stillness and peace I can not relax. I feel restless, but it’s not a bad thing. Every single moment and minute I’m growing. Even on a day to day basis, more confidence in myself helps with things that generally just seemed so difficult before. Yoga changed my life and it all began in Thailand on the yoga teacher training those few months ago.

Such transition in such a short time! It is because yoga was always and is always in my heart. Everything is becoming more clear, I will achieve, I will be the change I want to see! Now,  you wouldn’t of caught me saying something like that last year!  And even on my difficult days, I know in my heart I have truly found my path. Sometimes I sit back and imagine and can feel  all the amazing possibilities of the future. Hope. Light. Love.

I am blessed.

Published 27th May 2015

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