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After the Yoga teacher training in Thailand

Graduate Blog #1 by Natasha-Mae Hoadley
Back Home And Time To Reflect On The Level 1 Training

It has been a little over a month since I returned to England from the Yoga Teacher Training with Tribe in Thailand. The transformation in myself, in my life, in my hopes, in my future and in my heart, has been beyond any of my conceivable expectations.

Initially entering the course as a beginner my main reason for attending the training was because I wanted to learn how to live yoga and needed to get in touch with myself . From the first day it was a real blessing, the resort was outstanding with such incredible energy and peace, meeting the teachers and students I knew I was doing something special.

The environment was paradise, we studied and practiced long days, it was pure brilliance every second. From doing pranayama under the big tree in the jungle garden, to amazing lectures and practices in the shala, and chanting in the evenings by candlelight. It was magical.

Trying to think and write down my experience the magnitude of my journey floods my brain and body full of emotions and gratitude. If I could express everything I feel I would be able to write my first book. The course, the teachers, the students and the yoga has changed my life forever. It was amazing to to be able to study with such inspirational teachers, each unique, full of wisdom and experience. The course did a whole world more than just teaching me how to do yoga. The yogic philosophy, holistic living teachings, the love from the teachers and the group taught me what my heart already knew.

All my life I had been riddled with anxiety, depression and anger. Yoga had helped me a bit but going to Thailand and training with Tribe was the best thing I have ever done. Best choice I had ever made. It gave me what I needed. The understanding, finding myself, loving myself, re-establishing positive beliefs. The support I received from the teachers and other students helped me as I went through many stages of transformation and often feeling massive waves of release.

We studied together and shared so many beautiful memories that I will never ever forget. Even writing this now I am close to happy tears knowing what the course has done for me and my life.

I am very excited to share my experiences and discoveries as I go on to teach and deepen my practise. My self practice is progressing each day, as is my confidence in my life and i feel this is all because of my journey with Tribe.

I already have many plans, including doing level 2 next February in India. I have a teaching job lined up to teach a class each week at a gym and I am planning on starting independent classes soon. I cant wait to teach students that yoga is so much more than asana.
I feel very fortunate to have shared the time in Thailand with such great people, both the students and the teachers. Words will never be able to express my full love and gratitude. Thank you, thank you so much.

Namaste x

Published 19th May 2015

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  1. Natasha you write so well my tears of joy are smiling for you on your path knowing you are here on earth and thanking you:you for that. You are enough; you are beautiful ; and as you continue onwards on your journey of life know you are loved, you Are love so many blessings and giggles and fun….and freedom. Jems. Xxxx

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