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Bali yoga teacher training teacher raquel salvador , Bali TTC

Interview – Senior Yoga Teacher Raquel Salvador on our TTC in Bali

Raquel Salvador. Our Tribe teacher on the TTC in Bali
Raquel Salvador. Our Tribe teacher on the TTC in Bali

In April 2016 Tribe will have their first TTC in Bali.  Its a 3 weeks, 200 hour yoga teacher training course with a Yoga Alliance certification.
When you decide to do a TTC in Bali or anywhere overseas you don’t often get the opportunity to get to know the teacher before you go. Well, that’s about to change. I wrote our main teacher Raquel Salvador a couple of questions I wanted to know if I were you!

This is Tribes first TTC in Bali, is this your first time in Bali as well? 

Yes, it is my first time in Bali, and first time that we will offer the TTC in Bali. We (Mark & Raquel) have been teaching on Tribe yoga teacher trainings in India, Thailand, UK, Austria and Spain and now we add Bali to the list.  My partner Mark Ansari, Senior teacher for Tribe has been there before and thinks the location is ideal!

What do you expect of Bali?

I don’t usually expect much of a place, Yoga teaches you to live in the present. I guess my experience of the place will have to do with my mental set up at the time. Any place conducive to explore new things, where the creative force is felt in the atmosphere is good for me.

Why did Tribe choose to do a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali?

We thought Tribe has been such a well know company with lots of international recognition needed to offer trainings in such an spiritual location. Many of our students who have been in Bali have told us what a wonderful place is. How rituals are present in everyday living and spirituality is felt in the day to day activities. I guess India is a magical place as well but probably more of a cultural shock for westerners so we thought of doing a TTC in Bali for that reason.

What can a student expect of the training?

An incredible journey because of the energy  that is created within the training, due to the fellow students and the teachers. We will share our experiences on how to be guided by our own inner wisdom. Not to mimic what we see. The training covers a great variety of syllabus. Within the Asana practice we teach different styles, despite of the training being Ashtanga based.  We are giving students the tools to create their own Asana classes honouring their personal styles.

I saw on the tribe website that your focus in teaching is all about self-exploration/knowledge and awareness. How do you stimulate that? 

Through the right sequences, with the right rhythm, creating time for awareness of what is happening right there and then. I guide the students through the class with my words so their minds stays focused. It is a process, people might start feeling a connection, a state of inner harmony with just one class. But usually it takes time to go back, to feel and stop analysing everything mentally. It is about re-connecting the mind with the body and to experience what is actually happening in that process. Allowing that to happen you have to have a constant reminder. That is my job… to bring you back to the present moment over and over again, to your yoga mat, to your body and your breath.  And try not to have your mind are the breakfast table wondering what smoothie will they be serving today…

Raquel Salvador yoga teacher on the Bali yoga teacher training course
Raquel Salvador yoga teacher on the Bali yoga teacher training course

What kind of people do you think will join the TTC in Bali?

People who are passionate about Yoga. People who need a change in their life and see yoga as the tool for transformation.Tribe Trainings are not only for people who want to teach but for everyone who wants to learn about themselves, who wants to feel more at ease and in peace with themselves and everything else. People who want to have a little bit more comfort in their surroundings than say somewhere like India. The venue for the Bali TTC is a little more pricey than venues that we use in India but it is also quite special 

What made you decide to do a TTC?

When I did my Teachers training I wanted to get knowledge about how to teach Asana’s safely to others, to gain the skills to adjust, to learn a bit more about anatomy, philosophy, all in all to have a more comprehensive understanding of yoga to be able to apply the principles learned in my own life and to be able to share them with others.

What do you expect of your students?

To have a burning passion for yoga, full commitment for the training, an open heart and an open mind!

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about doing Bali Yoga Teacher Training?

I would advise them to come to the TTC in Bali ready to learn about themselves, with no expectations. Ready to realise that magic happens when you commit fully to something as beautiful as it is, the exploration of oneself. A common statement you’ll hear from people when they finish the Tribe teacher training is, “This training changed my life, I wish I had done it before!”

Thailand yoga teacher training temple visit idea

Things to do in Chiang Mai when you travel to the Tribe Thailand Yoga Teacher Training

Thinking of signing up for the Thailand Yoga Teacher Training?

What else can you do whilst you are there?

Thailand, the country of Temples, massages, great food, elephants and of course the smile. In the north of Thailand 25k away from Chiang Mai is where you can do find yourself on the Tribe 200hr Thailand Yoga Teacher Training.

Get your summer clothes out of your closet if you are going to do your Yoga teacher training in Thailand. The weather will be great during this time of year with an average of 32 degrees. And you might as well get a nice summer glow while you’re there, right?

If you are deciding to fly out to the Thailand yoga teacher training., once there you might want to consider staying a bit longer to see all the beauty that Thailand has to offer besides yoga.

The North of Thailand has a lot to offer! Let me give you just a few ideas on what you can do during your ……

Head to Chiang Mai on you days off during your Thailand yoga teacher training

Chiang Mai, the biggest city in the north of Thailand has a lot to offer. As a tourist in Thailand it is very easy to arrange all different kind of trips. So just pop in to one of the many hostels they have in Chiang Mai and the friendly people are more than willing to help you out.

Temples; Due to Buddhism which is the main religion in Thailand you can find a lot of temples basically everywhere in Thailand as so in Chiang Mai. Wat Prathat Doi Suthep is in my opinion one of the most impressive Temples you can find in Chiang Mai. Located on top of a mountain with a stunning view over the City you can have a look at this gold surrounded filled with Buddha images temple. Just the sort of soul inspiring visit which will support your spiritual journey on the Tribe Thailand yoga teacher training.

Elephant sanctuary; Elephant Nature Park has a good reputation when it comes to taking care of its animals. They have rescued and saved elephants (from elephant rides among other things) and giving them now a safe place to stay. This is a great way to help and support the elephants without contributing to these horrible elephant rides. You can visit them or any other sanctuary just on your day off from your Thailand yoga teacher training or if you have some extra spare time you can even volunteer for a couple of weeks.

Market; In Chiang Mai on every Sunday you’ll find probably the biggest market you are ever going to see in your whole life. You can walk around for hours and still see different things everywhere you look. From clothes to art, from crazy insects to handmade notebooks all of it for a very low price. But don’t let that hold you back on practicing your negotiating skills to lower the prices even a bit more. The lovely Thai people actually enjoy it and expect you to do so. Its definitely something that many of the Trainees on the Thailand yoga teacher training love to go to.

Monk Chats. If you want to want some more depth after/during your yoga teacher training and something other than the usual tourist activities this is something I can highly recommend! In Chiang Mai you have several “Monk Chat programs” which allows you to have an informal chat with a school aged Monk, usually accompanied by its teacher. So anything you’ve always wanted to know about Buddhism or what it’s like being a monk you can just ask them. At Wat Chedi Luang or Doi Suthep Temple they hold specific “Chat hours” during the day when you can chat away….

And these are just a few suggestions on what you can do during/after/before your yoga teacher training…. So let the country welcome you with their warm smile they are so well known for when you choose to attend a Thailand yoga teacher training with Tribe!

Visit the Night Market in Chiang Mai on your Thailand yoga teacher training day off
Visit the Night Market in Chiang Mai on your Thailand yoga teacher training day off
yoga asasna eka pada

Yoga Asana Backbending – Over doing it?

How far should we take our back bends?

For many of us extreme back bends are not what the body needs! Too oft yoga practitioners strive after postures like urdhva dhanurasana and kapotanasana with a fierce passion.  I have a students who is doing everything she can to get into full Kapotasana (arguably one of the most intense back bends possible). Whilst flexibility is vital in the spine for good health the long term effects of extreme backbends may actually be a weakening of the spine that can lead to all sorts of issues.

Remember yoga lovers that you don’t get any prizes for bending yourself in half or twisting your body into a pretzel.  (A boost to the ego maybe!) Continue reading Yoga Asana Backbending – Over doing it?

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Asana – Keeping the practice integral

What constitutes an integral practice?

What’s the difference between gymnastics and asana? Gymnastics and circus antics offer a chance to develop strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, grace and poise in the human form, so too does yoga. Gymnastics and circus depend on ones ability to focus and to concentrate in order to move dextrously and skilfully, so too does yoga. Then what is it that marks the turning point from merely a physical training to a spiritual practice? In gymnastics and circus sequences of movements are combined together to create perfection in form. They are performances whereby the rewards are in the accomplishment of the moment. Handstand into splits: done! A tumble ending in a double summersault: done! Through relentless practice the aim is to forge the body into predetermined movements, postures; form.

Continue reading Asana – Keeping the practice integral