Liza Mahar – Yoga Teacher

Liza Mahar

Liza’a first taste of yoga was through the physical practice of asana, finding it to be a consistent and reliable refuge from an often scattered and overwhelmed mind. Before long she realized that she was accessing the benefits of teaching that ran much deeper than asana alone. Knowing that her thirst for these teachings would not be quenched in the scope of led classes, Liza set out for India and completed her 200-hour training with Tribe in 2010. This training planted many potent seeds that informed and guided her self-practice as she continued to travel and study for months to come.

Upon returning to the U.S.A., Liza sat her first ten-day Vipassana meditation in the style of S. N. Goenka. She emerged with a reaffirmed respect for the power of the single-pointed focus available through the Ashtanga system. She began daily Mysore practice with her teacher Casey Palmer at Near East Yoga. Here she found a community of highly dedicated practitioners and a place for discussion of yogic philosophy and chanting of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras led by Casey. During this time she also undertook an in-depth study of anatomy and kinesiology while earning her license in Massage Therapy at University of Western States and training in Thai Massage with Nephyr Jacobson.

The practice led Liza back to India and back to Tribe as an assistant to the 2013 training in Goa. She continued on for a lengthy stay in Mysore and practice with Ajay Kumar at Sthalam 8. Here also she spent seven days a week with Dr. M.A. Jayashree and Sri M.A. Narsimha deepening her relationship to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras through sanskrit studies, chanting and discussion.

Consistent practice and study have continued to deliver greater clarity to Liza and serve as a trusted guide to nearly all decisions large and small, always swinging life a bit closer toward a state of harmony. Being a senior ashtanga yoga teacher, she continually examines her practice and her life with more honesty and she feels much benefit from sharing the practice with others. Her teaching comes from a deep belief in transformational power of dedicated practice or abyasa.


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