Martina Wastl

Born 1979 in Austria. At a young age she very soon saw clear that alternative paths to a holistic and sustainable wellbeing and health were the ones she had to travel. Studies in classic massage techniques followed, chinese medicine and cranio sacral technique. She studied in Graz, Austria, did an internship with neurologic and orthopedic patients in a rehab clinic in Wilhering and Austria and continued to study in Zurich, Switzerland plus keeps learning from life @large.

As a snowboarder and surfer she knew applied therapy from outside could never be enough, movement was the key, she started to indulge into the practice of Yoga Asana and linked it with what she had learned about the human body before. She began to offer private classes, to give willing people the tools to help themselves, and more profound studies about human anatomy followed.

Martina started to share her observations and knowledge in yoga teacher trainings and still does. Now traveling and teaching in Austria, Spain and Switzerland. She is a Yoga Teacher, Holistic health therapist and Advocat of conscious nutrition.

martina yoga anatomy teacher on level 1 yoga teacher trainings

Martina's expertise and offering on Tribe trainings is Anatomy

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