Safah Roberts – Yoga Teacher

Safah Roberts

Born in Canada in the sign of Libra, Safah began her relationship with yoga in 2001 while trying to find solution to the stress of a corporate career. Four years later she found a spiritual community that enabled her to see a way to be of service to a world that felt increasingly unbalanced. Through the guidance of the teachings of Pranic Healing and a regular yoga practice the veil started to lift and show a new way of being.

It was during healing work with clients that Safah realized her natural ability to intuitively support and facilitate positive energy flow in the body. The whole realm of energy felt very familiar, so when she went looking for her first yoga training, she knew it had to come from a teacher who could help to develop this awareness further. She liked asana, but knew being able to contort was not a sure ticket to enlightenment. After a series of strange ‘coincidences’ with a traveling swami, she landed in India and received her RYT 200 in Classical Hatha with Life Mission in Gujurat. This journey opened her to the potential of cultivating life force when she received audience and blessings from Swami Rajarshi Muni. It was here that she only started to understand the true potential of Shakti.

Safah returned to India and received her RYT 500 Hatha training with Tribe Yoga, drawn to this program forits focus on the subtle bodies, pranayam, and meditation. To ground her asana practice in a western method she became certified in the thoughtful, deep core alignment teachings of the Core Strength Vinyasa method by Sadie Nardie.

Safah has developed a strong practice of Chakra and Pranayamand following in her local community as a Pranic Healer over the last seven years, and is currently training to teach in this method. The priceless teachings have given her a firm experiential foundation in the healing of soul, mind body blockages which she is excited to share with her students. Safah is a lifelong learner, lover of mantra and her shruti box, and also a keen student of astrology, integrating all that she has learned to make her teaching interesting, relevant and FUN!

“First and foremost I consider myself a healer, and this is how I approach in my teaching. It is a lifelong journey to find that precise harmonic place where the ego and the body align. I feel all our practices should be led by the heart, and not by the fearful ego. This requires that we cultivate patience, break free from a need to feel special or not good enough, as we inch toward that place of clarity. I aim to be a compassionate guide not only in asana, and emotional work but in helping those who are interested, find a closer more personal connection to spirit.”