Steve Hall – Yoga Teacher

Steve Hall

Steve grew up in New Zealand and from an early age was curious about the esoteric, unseen elements of life. From 18-22 years he became a youth leader in the Catholic Church and lived in a community exploring group dynamics and communication. Finding the religious system limiting, he broadened his focus to healing, massage, meditation and yoga.

3 years full time study with an Esoteric society gave him a wider perspective on the role of beliefs and ritual in human societies. Travel and the fine arts dominated his 30's, finding many adventures around the world and learning that life is always there to support you if you are willing and open to step out into your passion.

Since 1999 his has been based in Bali which is where he consolidated an early passion for awareness, breath and experiencing the body. With this he learned to explore in a new way using the 8 limbs of Yoga; body awareness, breath awareness and the direct exploration of consciousness.

"Although there are many styles and schools in the contemporary yoga world I see the goal as be present. The tools as simple...…mindfulness and awareness. The 8 limbs of yoga are experiential and non-dogmatic, they are easily applied to life on and off the mat".

Steve now lives and teaches yoga on the Southern shores of Bali with his partner Geri, surrounded by the Balinese version of the Hindu religion. He lives amidst a devotional culture that celebrates its beliefs EVERY day. Humbling and grounding he appreciates such a wonderful backdrop to introduce and encourage students to explore the ground of there being.


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