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Our Tribe Yoga Retreat space is located in the Austrian mountains. In the summer months we offer teacher trainings and various yoga retreats in this peaceful & serene environment that supports students to deepen into their practice, revitalise, re-energise and relax.

With a nearby lake in which as you swim you can drink the water, local spas, endless forest trails, waterfalls and majestic mountains are all part of the daily delights that can be enjoyed on you stay at our Tribe retreat.

Student Testimonials

“I highly recommend the teacher training at Tribe Yoga. The asana is challenging but there is a also strong emphasis on personal inquiry and development. The theoretical content and teachings on yoga philosophy were excellent. Most invaluable for me was the thorough grounding in asana technique – both for student adjustments and for my own practice.”

-Christine Cunningham UK

“The tribe yoga teacher training has been an amazing experience for me; it has given me the skills to teach. From day one we were teaching each other and I felt there was an emphasis on learning to teach. 

The anatomy sessions were very interesting and beneficial in really helping to bring the Asana to life through learning how each posture affects the body, the muscles used, and the dynamics of stretching and relaxing.

This course is the beginning of the journey and has been a great personal experience that I feel has opened me up in a way that enables me to share the teachings with others.

Scarlett’s knowledge of yoga is immense, and she imparted it to us in such an easy way that it was impossible to not learn from her. She was attentive to each of our needs, nurturing us independently and as a group, so that we really grew together throughout the month.

Raquel is an inspiring teacher, with a great sensitivity, care and understanding of yoga and the student. Her style of teaching is fun and light-hearted and yet precise and in-depth. She really looked after us all and gave us as much time and energy as we required.”

– Nathalie Bennett, UK

“I attended the yoga teacher training in the picturesque town of Bad Mittendorf. The location was very relaxing, as the small town of Bad Mittendorf is surrounded by mountains and rolling meadows. The small town had very helpful and friendly people. The group of students attending the training developed a wonderful rapport amongst themselves. The sharing of breakfast and dinner preparations and eating together was very enjoyable.

Although I arrived a couple of days into the training, Scarlett ensured that I soon caught up with her teachings to the rest of the group. As a teacher, Scarlet is very thorough in explaining the material and the mechanics of yoga to the students and the practitioners of yoga. Her style of teaching is consistent with the practicing of the Asana, Pranayama and meditation techniques. Enough time was provided to complete the review of the Asana with handouts to help the students.

Raquel taught the group at the tribe yoga teacher training in Bad Mittendorf. The first yoga Nidra session with Raquel was a good indicator to her style of teaching. The following weeks, we realised and benefited from the gentleness of her voice that guided us through the most intense Asana and Vinyasa.

Scarlet and Raquel shared their own experience in establishing their practice, guiding the new teachers with encouragement and support.”

– Irum Naqvi, Canada

I highly recommend the intensive teacher trainings with Tribe, be it in Thailand, India, Austria or Spain. I completed a 200-hr TTC with Tribe in August 2014 in a breathtaking, mountainous spot in Austria, and I’ve grown so much thanks to the wonderful teaching, fantastic atmosphere and very professional attitude of the teachers during these four weeks! We started teaching on day one, which was a fantastic way to get us working on the teaching skills. Then gradually, with baby steps, we all developed more confidence and started finding our own voice. The curriculum is put together in a holistic manner and while it follows the Ashtanga tradition, it leaves room for other styles and offers lectures and incorporates some practice in Hatha, Vinyasa flow and restorative yoga too. There is much emphasis on the philosophy of yoga, pranayama, and there is lots of meditation while participants do karma yoga, or the yoga of action. Scarlett and the other teachers were able to facilitate an atmosphere that was a warm and protected atmosphere, where one felt safe to share, try, fail and develop. Tribe offer a very focussed, in-depth training experience. Om Shanti.

-Eszter Farkas, Hungary

The whole course was a very beautiful experience and no words can justify it enough! Over the years I´ve gone through a personal journey not even daring to believe I can be a teacher. It was exactly during this course that I felt like I arrived home. I learned a lot, not just through the teachings related to the course, but also from every single person inspiring me and showing me my own reflection. I felt very alive and became super-sensitive to the things I hadn’t been previously aware of. Thanks to this, I was able to work on myself not just as a yoga teacher but more so as a human being. Through the beautiful presence of the teachers, I allowed myself to soften into the knowing, that all truly is well!

-Zuzana Kollarova, Slovak