Student Support

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We recognise that an intensive month of yoga training can be both physically and mentally demanding so we want to create is a relaxed and stress free learning experience. Tribe Teacher Trainings include the following program of student support:

  • Study Groups: Study groups are a chance for trainees to share experiences and support each others progress. Teachers and teaching assistants lead the groups. Each group has a max of 7 students and a designated teacher who acts as mentor for the trainees during the training.
  • Personal Interviews: During the training trainees are given an opportunity to have a personal interview with one of the main teachers to discuss their self practice and other personal matters.
  • Student Co-ordinator: Its always good to have a specific person to turn to if something or someone is a problem for you. On trainings with a large student number we allocate a Student Coordinator who’s main focus is the well-being of the trainees. The student coordinator is available to deal with personal concerns or study difficulties and to help you to ‘settle in’ when you first arrive at the venue. If for some reason there is no student co-ordinator available student will be encouraged to approach the training facilitator who oversees all training matters.
  • One complimentary massage: A complimentary massage to relax, rejuvenate and soothe away any aches and pains. 
    (Not available on European TTC’s unless mentioned in the TTC info)

 Apprenticeship work/study positions in Austria:

Every year during our season of Summer Retreats and Teacher Trainings in Austria graduates are invited to come and be an active and supportive member at our Tribe Yoga Retreat. Apprentice yogis lend a hand in the everyday running of the venue in return for yoga and free meals.

Graduates – Post training support & education

Once you have graduated from any Tribe level 1 training you automatically become a part of the Tribe Yoga Family. Tribe offers ongoing support and guidance to all TTC graduates. We are available to council in business, personal or yoga matters by email, phone or when possible in person. We encourage all graduates to ‘keep in touch’ and visit us whenever possible.

150 Euros Discount when signing up for Level 1 
To advance your practice to the next level the level 2 training has a comprehensive syllabus and includes Ashtanga 1st & 2nd Series Practices, Advanced Adjustment and Teaching Skills, the Art of Integrating Philosophy into teaching asanas, Conscious eating, 10 day detox, 2 Fasting days, Arm balance and Jump Through training, Healing sessions & much more.

Teaching Assistant Positions

We invite all Tribe Graduates to return to Tribe as assistants on other Tribe Level 1 trainings.
As a teaching assistant there’s lots of opportunity to fine tune your adjustment & teaching skills.
Teaching assistants are given a leadership role in the student support groups to guide and assist trainees through the TTC journey.  When not assisting you can practice in the TTC yoga classes and attend any lectures.

Depending on the size of training we have openings for up to 2 assistants per training.

Teaching assistant positions are a Karma yoga opportunity there is no payment for assisting but meals are provided.

Click to download the teaching assistant information and application form

Teaching Assistant Testimonial – 2013

“Rejoining Tribe as an assistant was to enter a time and space that was so rich and so conducive to transformation. It is by infusing ourselves within the teachings and living within a conscious community, that we begin to live as true yogis. The boundary between practice and life shrinks as move toward a state of continuous uninterrupted practice at all moments.

Assistant is a unique space between the role of teacher/giver and student/ receiver. A place where both can be observed. I began to feel those roles give way to a circular experience that we are all giving into and harvesting from. The sense of separateness began to dissolve and was overtaken by the energy and the potency of the teachings in practice.

I had the opportunity to work with amazingly inspiring teachers and see them in action from a new perspective. Since then a new vision of my professional identity has begun to present itself. Watching the vibrancy emerge from within the students I really saw what a gift it can be to teach someone yoga and what a noble and selfless job it is. I am grateful and proud to have trained with Tribe and appreciate the continued support that this roll has given me – Liza Mahar(USA)

Lizar has since joined the Tribe Teaching Team and teaches Asana, anatomy, chanting and other subjects on level 1 and level 2 trainings

Joining the Tribe TTC Teaching Team:

Level 2 graduates with over 1000hrs teaching experience who have also assisted on a Tribe Level 1 training become eligible to join the TTC teaching team as a junior teacher on level 1 trainings. Teaching positions are offered at the discretion of the faculty leader to graduates whose practice and teachings express a level of expertise and passion that is the hallmark of all Tribe teachers.
Junior teaching posts are paid positions.

Join us for morning practice on other TTCs:

Tribe TTC graduates are welcome to come and practice in the morning yoga sessions on any level 1 training if we have extra mat space in the shala.

Please contact us in advance so we can confirm whether or not we have space

Replacement certificates:

If you loose or damage your certificate a replacement certificate can be electronically sent free of charge.  If you prefer a hard copy the cost is 15 Euros including P&P.