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Yoga Goa, one of the worlds hotspots

There are a number of worldwide locations that when you arrive have a natural or cultivated spiritual ambience; Ibiza, Koh Phangan-Thailand, Bali, Rishikesh- India, Byron bay – Austrailia to name but a few.

Over the past few years Goa has evolved into somewhat of a spiritual mecca.  The number of yoga teacher training courses has skyrocketed, you can find every type of yoga retreat that you could possibly conceive of, there are yoga shalas and yoga centers in every nook and cranny and more recently the crowds are coloured by the white robes of yoga teachers and the orange robes of swarmis.

If yoga is what you are looking for then you couldn’t pick a better place to be exposed to every style and teaching you can think of. Walk down the beach at sunset and be bemused, amused and amazed at the diversity  of practices and activities that solo people and groups are engaged in.

Its not just the yoga that people congregate in Goa for. Goa is the kind of place that attracts all sorts and is rich in hippies and hipsters, weirdo’s and wacko’s, creative artists, mystical dancers, circus clowns (literally!) music geniuses, gurus and gawking people.

The whole coastline, particularly when you venture to the more trendy, backpacker, traveller orientated areas, such as Arambol in the North of Goa, is chocka block with cool dudes, amazing teachers and especially talented entertainers all on a journey to discover true mental freedom … call them spiritual seekers if you will. Those that have been journeying along for many years and have amassed enough skills and experience to share with others are doing so in many different formats.  Arambol can become your very own spiritual university as you create your own weekly timetable of yoga, dance, tantra, massage, satsang, capoeira, hula hooping, contact juggling, chanting, tai chi etc etc etc .. its all there in abundance.

Of course you will have to sieve through the many charlatans than are also congregating in the Goa area. Yoga is big business and many are just jumping on the band wagon and posing as yoga teachers and spiritual masters. It can be quite a shock to sign up on a retreat or training, happily part with your well earned cash,  dazzled by a very fancy and well made website only to arrive and find that the you have been duped and have to endure a third rate set up… so do your homework and don’t settle for second best. Of course at the same time its good to trust that the universe is guiding you to exactly the right people and experience that your soul needs…. so in retrospect,  even if you do end up somewhere you don’t want to be, its worth remembering that theres lessons to be learnt in every situation. Goa will push your buttons in many ways.

At the end of the day Goa’s great and its a fabulous place to meet people, enjoy the sunshine and switch off from the western culture that many of us are suffocated by…true it has its hedonistic side, and it is being trashed by tourism BUT there are not many places in the world that offer such a concentrated amount of events and people that can really support individuals to drastically change the way they see themselves and the world. Going to Goa is an education in itself. Its buzzing with people who are seriously focused on various forms of experimentation and exploration that can potentially lead to a much more awakened state.

If you happen to be venturing to Goa then congratulations and lucky you! You are sure to have the best time of your life. Dive in deep and get as much as you can from being in such a magical place with so many wonderful and special people.

If you want to drop in and check us out we welcome people to come and join in the morning asana classes on the Tribe Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses. Contact us for details.  Or if you are ready for the full challenge of a yoga teacher training course then maybe Tribe is the place for you. With our longevity, great teachers and  professionally organised courses maybe we are what you are looking for.

ashtanga yoga teacher training teachers play handstands on the beach
ashtanga yoga teacher training teacher with her partner in handstand play on the beach