Level 2, 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

yoga teacher training course
On Level 2 we deepen into meditation and pranayama practices

Level 2, 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

The level 2 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect opportunity to assess your own personal development and then figure out what action or changes will be most beneficial for you to establish more balance and harmony in your practice and lifestyle.

This training aims to infuse you with new aspiration and inspiration so you can advance in your personal experience and expression of yourself……… Only then can you be of real service to your students and to the world.

Latest Update – Level 2 – Austria Aug/Sept 2018 training has been cancelled. We are investigating alternative dates and venue. Please register your interest with us if you would like to be informed if Summer 2018 Level 2 YTT is re-scheduled.

Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow & Traditional Hatha
Level 2, 300hrs Yoga Teacher Training

  1. The Training
  2. Pre-requisite
  3. Cost & Locations
  4. How to Book
  5. Certificates & Insurance
  6. Schedule
  7. Syllabus
  8. Practices
  9. Teachers Thoughts
  10. Frequently Asked Question

Forthcoming Trainings Dates & Location

Dates Location Duration Cost in Euros
No Scheduled Dates Residential 4 weeks

Level 2, 300 hour yoga teacher training course

1.The Training

Level 2 yoga teacher training courses invite Level 1 graduates and experienced yoga teachers/practitioners to come together and train intensively for a month long yogic experience.

These trainings introduce and explore advanced yogic techniques and disciplines to support transformation, spiritual growth and personal development.  The focus is on deepening and strengthening ourselves as yoga practitioners and yoga teachers. There is an emphasis on building on sensitivity and raising ones threshold of perception to a higher level to explore and experience the subtle bodies and different levels of consciousness.

Rather than accumulating more information, this training is based on experimentation, exploration, experience and practice. Our primary objective is to put theory into practice.

Warriors on the Level 2, 300 hour yoga teacher training course
level 2 warriors on yoga teacher training in Austria.

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2. Pre-requisite

The level 2 is intensive with a challenging 6 days per week schedule. The asana, pranayama, meditation and other yoga disciplines in the training are only suitable for yoga practitioners who already have a regular practice and feel that they are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to go to a deeper level of self-exploration.

We expect a high level of commitment and maturity from everybody who wants to participate in this level 2 training. You can measure your commitment on the basis of whether you think you can apply yourself to the training with 100% focus and maturity. And to what extent you are able to express a yogic attitude of sensitivity, honesty, openness, equanimity, acceptance and self-discipline.

This is definitely not a yoga holiday or retreat. This is an integral training for advanced students who want to challenge both their body and mind.

All trainees should have an established self-practice which includes a balance of asana, pranayama, and meditation. Trainees should be prepared to teach and give a lecture of their choice on the training.

This training is open to Tribe level 1 graduates. If you are not a Tribe level 1 graduate you may still be able to attend if you have enough understanding and practice of specific teachings that are shared and explored on our level 1 training. Please email us directly before sending in your application so we can assess your suitability.
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3.  Cost & Location

Training fees vary depending on location, maximum student number, training duration, accommodation and scheduled meals.
The training cost starts from 2295 Euros 
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4. How to Book

  1. Read our terms and conditions
  2. Visit the web page with the training date and location that you are interested in.  After reading all the additional info click the ‘Book now’ button on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. Pay the deposit and then complete the application form.
  4. If you are not accepted your deposit will be immediately refunded.
  5. If you are accepted your deposit becomes non-refundable but can be transferred to an alternative training.
  6. Final payment is due 60 days before the training begins.

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5. Certification


On successful completion of the training trainees receive a Tribe 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. accredited by Yoga Alliance, the European Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Register.

Level 2 graduates can register as a 500 hr RYT (registered yoga teacher) if they have:

  1. Completed the Level 1 training
  2. Completed the Level 2 training
  3. Completed the Level 2 non-contact hours

Level 2 non-contact hours (55hrs) consist of written assignments which can be submitted before, during or up to 6 months after the training period.

Level 2 graduates receive their certificate either at the closing ceremony or by post, depending on when the non-contact hour assignments are submitted.

Assessments on Level 2, 300 hour yoga teacher training course
Trainees get their final assessment results on level 2 yoga teacher training, Austria.

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6. Schedule (subject to change)

Mon to Friday
06.00: Daily Reading, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Asana
10.00: Breakfast Smoothie
10.15: Lectures, Adjustment Workshops, Philosophy, Anatomy
13.00: Brunch
15.45: Teaching skills including trainees giving class and lectures
18.30: Lectures, Meditation, Group sharing, video etc
19.15: Closing chants
19.30: Dinner

20.00: Chanting, Movie, Meditation (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays)

06-15: Mysore Practice (supervised self-practice)
09.00: Lecture & sharing
10.00: Breakfast Smoothie
11.00: Lecture
13.00: Lunch
Rest of the day is free for study, relaxation & exploring the natural surroundings

19.00 – 21.00: Lecture
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7. Syllabus

*Yoga Philosophy – based on the yoga sutras
*Yogic lifestyle & Yoga in Daily Living
*Spiritual masters past & present
*Ashtanga, Hatha & Vinyasa Asana, Meditation, Kriyas and *Pranayama
*Refining the Fundamentals of Asana Practice
*Yoga Nidra
*Mudras & Bandhas
*Karma Yoga
*Sequencing, Themes and Focuses in Asana Classes
*Advanced Adjusting & Assisting Skills
*The Subtle Body, Chakra System & Kundalini
*Anatomy & Physiology
*Detoxing & Fasting
*Vegetarianism, Conscious Eating & yogic diet
*The use of music in Meditation

The schedule is formatted to create a balance of study, practice, discipline, fun, focus and relaxation.

Level 2 Ashtanga Teacher Christian in Pinchamayurasana, Austria

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8. Practices

Morning sessions will include advanced asana, pranayama and meditation practices. Many of the morning asana sessions will be taught in an Ashtanga Vinyasa style. As well as the traditional full primary and modified intermediate practices of Ashtanga there will also be vinyasa flow classes which introduce a more creative experience of asanas and sequencing. Some morning asana practices will be in traditional Hatha yoga style where we will hold postures for longer and focus on the energetic flow and chakra activation.

During the training arm balancing, jump through’s and other more complex aspects of asana practice will be explored giving trainees an additional challenge to open and develop their body and mind in new ways.

We teach specific focuses’ to increase sensitivity and awareness, integrating and illustrating the impact and application of the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga.

level 2 headstands
Headstand practice in the morning Sadhana, Austria.

Practices will include a combination of concentration techniques, pratyahara techniques and meditations such as Trataka, Hang sa Kriya, Yoga Nidra, Anapanasati, so-ham meditation and chakra music meditation.

All trainees must be comfortable ‘ sitting ‘ for long periods of meditation and pranayama.
(sitting can be in any position with the support of props, cushions or a chair if necessary, as long as the spine is vertical).

Long pranayama sessions will be performed in the morning practices. We will use various traditional pranayama techniques to explore the possibility of directing prana with specific intent and purpose.

pranayama practice on the beach in goa
Pranayama practice in Goa

Saturday mornings are exclusively for self-practice in which trainees have the time to integrate the week’s teachings into their own style of practice with teachers on hand to assist.

Conscious Eating & Yogic Diet
As yoga practitioner’s purity and energy management are both important aspects of our daily living. The food we eat has a dramatic impact, positive or negative, on all levels of our being.  During the training we will develop a foundation of knowledge and understanding that gives us the discipline and focus on making the necessary changes in our personal diet and nutrition to support our spiritual evolution….. if we so desire!

Veggies from the venue garden
Home grown veggies from the garden in Austria.

Kriyas & Purification program
Purification is considered a very important aspect of yoga practice. The kriyas on the training will be a mix of basic and intermediate practices
As well as 2 one day fasts we will also be facilitating the Oshawa No. 7 Detox which is a detoxing, purifying and balancing eating regime of whole grains only (generally brown rice). Ohsawa will take place from the 2nd Monday for 10 days.
Participating in the purification practices is NOT compulsory. If you feel the fasting or the 10 days Ohsawa is not suitable for you please let us know in advance.

Fasting: There will be 2 separate 24hr periods of Juice fasting during the training. On these days juice will be served instead of meals. If you wish to opt out of the juice fast please let us know your reasons in advance.

Oshawa No 7 Cleanse – 10-day brown rice ‘diet’
The Oshawa 10 day purification starts on the 2nd Monday of the training. During the 10 days, no meals apart from Oshawa meals will be offered. An introduction and informative lecture will be given on the Oshawa No 7 cleanse in the first week so you can decide if you would like to participate. There is no pressure to participate but we do encourage you to take advantage of doing something beneficial for yourself and your practice in the supported space of the training. If you opt out you will be required to organise your own meals.

Adjustment workshops
Deepening our understanding of, and the application of, adjustments under the collective expertise of the Tribe teachers. Trainees will study and practice the art of assisting and adjusting in such a way that the articulation and teaching of postures becomes a transmission of confidence and efficiency.

austria level 2 adjustment
Austria level 2 adjustment practice

Experiential studies of the chakras, prana and the subtle bodies
Practical explorations of the chakras and subtle bodies system is fundamental to the practice of Hatha yoga. During the training we undertake chakra tapas and spend a number of days in experiential studies of each chakra. We will utilise various techniques and practices to heighten our sensitivity and level of perception so that we can connect to, experience and become more sensitive to pranic flows and different levels of consciousness.

Through experience and a relevant amount of theory trainees gain the knowledge to practice in a more refined way that is specific to their own personal development and growth.

As well as the Bhakti yoga practice of chanting and singing. We also chant the yoga sutras which takes us deeper into its teachings.

Yoga Nidra
Yoga nidra can support us to break free of the conditioned mind and access the most subtle realms of our Being in an awake state.  As much as possible we like to include yoga nidra practices on the level 2 timetable.

Massage & Healing sessions
These sessions allow us to build greater sensitivity and feeling for movement and touch as well as being a great opportunity to relax, tune in and nurture personal and group energy.

Trainee Lecturing & Teaching Asana
Trainees will each be invited to prepare and teach a 60 minutes lecture of their choice and teach a 60-minute asana class. Group feedback is given at the end of each class, considered to be supportive for accelerated growth and learning.

The practice of mouna (silence) will be observed on a daily basis until the end of the morning breakfast. Students may also wish to extend the practice of silence to one whole day choosing either a ‘practical’ silence or a full silence. The training offers the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself with this and other practices that you may otherwise find difficult to do on your own

Group Sharing
The schedule allocates ample time to share our collective ideas, skills & experiences, study issues etc.

Karma Yoga
In Austria we invite trainees to embrace the spirit of Karma Yoga and give a little bit of their time and energy by signing up to do light jobs that help to keep the yoga space comfortable for everyone and the venue running smoothly. Jobs include preparing meals, gardening, recycling, wood chopping and other fun light work.

In India we encourage the students to complete a few hours of karma per week either in the venue or in the community.

Karma Yoga involves a commitment of 4-8 hours per week.

karma yoga in venue garden
Karma yoga in venue garden, Austria

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9. Teachers Thoughts

Scarlett“As yoga teachers sometimes we know what is good for us yet we continue to oppose the flow of our Being. For many of us simple changes in diet, the inclusion of more pranayama & meditation in our self-practice, a daily dose of headstands, handstands and sublimation practices could make all the difference in our physical, emotional and mental well-being. Being a teacher requires that we make a continuous conscious effort to evolve, challenging ourselves to deepen our practice and understanding so we can better serve ourselves, our students’ and the universe. These issues and others are addressed on the level 2 yoga teacher trainings in a focused, caring and yogic environment.  Always a really great evolutionary month.”
 Tribe Teacher Scarlett

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10. Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions you may find the answers on the FAQ web page

namaste photoNAMASTE

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