Shamanic Healing Retreat


This 7-day program includes activities and ceremonies that will support you to

  • to align with new and beneficial energies
  • create deep long-lasting transformations in your life
  • become independent and responsible for your mental physical and emotional health
  • Deeply purify the body and purify the consciousness
  • awaken your the natural wisdom and self-healing


  • Morning walk & lake swim
  • Lecture: Every day natural nutrition
  • Lecture: Rebalancing through the Elements
  • Lecture & walk: using wild herbs
  • Sadhana (somatic body play, breathwork, meditation etc)
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Fire Ritual
  • Tantric Rite – Maithuna
  • Spa/sauna visit
  • Journaling
  • Mouna – silence
  • One to one counselling with Fede
  • Sharing Circles

Ceremony with Ethnobotanical Plants x 3

  • Jurema on day 3
  • Ayahuasca on day 4
  • Acacia on day 6th
Available at extra cost

Hypnotherapy (with Scarlett)
Therapeutic bodywork (with Scarlett)
Consultation with Jemma (Herbal medicine)

The schedule

Fede holds space in a way that encourages an organic and spontaneous flow from one day to the next. The day begins at an unspecified time by the sound of the gong. And the activities of the week are presented in response to the needs and energy of the group.

Below is a glimpse of how a day may unfold


Wake up Gong

Walk, lake swim

One to one sessions with Fede
Morning Sadhana (somatic body play, breath work & other practices)

Mid Morning Smoothie



Silence & Journaling

Afternoon Sadhana or Lecture



Venue & Accomodation

Venue to be announced



Because of the nature of the retreat the meals have been specially designed to complement your needs as the journey unfolds. This will include detox and purification in the initial preparation days and short periods of fasting before the ceremonies.

Dont worry, you will have gloriously delicious, tasty and satisfying meals.

All meals are prepared in a loving and meditative way. Ecologically friendly, vegetarian, organic (whenever possible) and supportive to the energetic and nutritional needs of a healing retreat

Generally, meals are gluten-free and if not there will always be a gluten-free option

Spa treatments