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Christian Klix

Yoga Teacher
Ashtanga Vinyasa

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“The year 2000 was a year of new discoveries for me.

After being forced to sit in school for 13 years and another 13 month of civil service I was finally free.

Already for a long time I was asking myself the big questions of life and I hoped to find some answers on a journey to New Zealand and Australia.

6 month of planned travel became almost three years. When I ran out of money I realized that besides a good school education, I basically knew nothing and was able to offer even less. This was the turning point of my life. I began to learn skills of any kind, practical and philosophical. Somehow one had to survive…

When one day a friend showed me the first Surya Namaskaras / Sun Salutations I was infected. The mix out of conscious breathing and movement triggered something in me, that I hadn’t felt before. It was as if a perfect fitting puzzle piece clicked into my life and I didn’t even know that it was missing before… Since then I am on my way and I am very glad to meet so many inspiring people, who are giving me new impulses and direction on it.

I all those years since, in my studies, work, family, relationships and friends, Yoga was the stable and grounding element. Yoga teaches the architecture of peace. Everybody can become an architect. Peace is the foundation of a life in dignity and freedom. Peace, so it seems, has become very fragile again.

The more I practice the old techniques of the Yogis and learn about the old scriptures, the more I am capable to relax into the paradox of life. Therefore I relax inside, the more life itself answers in all it ́s depth beyond any happiness or unhappiness. Peace comes from within to manifest outside. Yoga offers everybody a tool to find deep inner peace. It is always a pleasure for me to be able to share this experience with other people.

All the best!”