Rory Trollen

What would Buddha do?

What would the Buddha do?

I believe it was David Brent (Ricky Gervais – The Office) that first introduced me to this lovely wee filtration process…for him it was “What would the lone ranger do?”….well….I’m not a huge fan of the lone ranger myself, but to every monk, a path!

On our journey of ‘re-membering’ – renewing our membership with life; there are at times situations that present themselves where we may regret our reactions…a second, a minute, an hour….a year later…..we must sublime this reaction whereby an appropriate, non regretful response is offered there and then.

Now there are times gone by and even now where I’ve had to force a smile or fain compassion in challenging situations…..remembering to stop, breathe, ask myself ‘what would the Buddha do?’ , and respond from a sort of faux idealistic space…and sorry if that sounds false/shallow/unnatural, but to clarify it is a stepping stone style practice…..

Why stepping stone? Because we often have to ‘fake it till we make it’ ….remembering to remember your higher self needs to be remembered! (even setting half hourly alarms has helped people), until a point where this filtration process that harmonises thought, deed, speech and action becomes natural. Often we forget about our organic divinity, clouding ourselves from it through some pretty average conditioned behaviour. Therefore we look to the Greats for inspiration.

So, “What would ……. do?’

In that blank space add whomever or whatever part of you creates an image or sensation that deep down you know resonates with a higher vibration… with this wee mantra for a day, a week…whatever….until such a moment where it naturally falls away……it may just cultivate a little more awareness

Awaken Always, Allways

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