About Us


We began 12 years ago in Goa 2007 with a desire to support individuals to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga and pass on the skills and tools to teach. Since that time we are have been wholeheartedly and passionately supporting individuals to integrate yoga into their lives.

We feel Tribe is a special and magical place to study and practice yoga. We see the potential to evolve and flow more effortlessly through life with less resistance, greater acceptance and a blossoming trust. We encourage an attitude and approach of openness, connection, acceptance, sensitivity, awareness, and love. Our intention is to create a special and unique journey of self-study, personal development, and spiritual evolution.

Tribe is where authentic spiritual teachings and ancient wisdom are brought into a relevant and digestible format. Join us to be challenged, stimulated, awakened and inspired in a supportive atmosphere that encourages you to relax, enjoy, re-energize and have fun.