Student Support

Liza, US

Teacher Assistant Testimonial Jan 2013 Training


“Rejoining Tribe as an assistant was to enter a time and space that was so rich and so conducive to transformation. It is by infusing ourselves within the teachings and living within a conscious community, that we begin to live as true yogis and yoginis. The boundary between practice and life shrinks and moves toward a state of continuous uninterrupted practice at all moments.

Assistant is a unique space between the role of teacher/giver and student/ receiver. A place where both can be observed. I began to feel those roles give way to a circular experience that we are all giving into and harvesting from. The sense of separateness began to dissolve and was overtaken by the energy and the potency of the teachings in practice.

I had the opportunity to work with amazingly inspiring teachers and see them in action from a new perspective. Since then a new vision of my professional identity has begun to present itself. Watching the vibrancy emerge from within the students I really saw what a gift it can be to teach someone yoga and what a noble and selfless job it is. I am grateful and proud to have trained with Tribe and appreciate the continued support that this role has given me”