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YOGA NIDRA & Breathwork. Spain


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21 - 28 April 2024

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*GOA * 50-HRS


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24 - 30 Nov & 5- 11 Jan

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Next Dates to be Announced

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Why Tribe

Tribe yoga teacher training, teachers and graduates. Photo – Goa, India


Since 2007, Tribe has successfully trained over 800 teachers and for that reason we have many students come to us through a recommendation from others who have been on a Tribe YTT. For those of you who have not had any personal introduction or recommendation to us, we trust you resonate with our approach and appreciate the longevity of our program and our years of experience.

2020 has seen many schools shifting their training online, here at Tribe we simply don’t feel it’s possible to transmit our YTT online through a screen. We wish to maintain the integrity of the yoga teachings and ensure that teachers trained through us get to experience the deep and profound journey of accelerated personal transformation and spiritual growth that happens on our Tribe YTT residential intensives.

We feel that the solid foundation of skills, understanding, and experience that equip yoga practitioners to become confident, safe, and capable yoga teachers is best received in-person with skilled teachers and other enthusiastic and passionate students.

We are very conscious of the responsibility that is placed on us as a school when we certify individuals to teach. Training with us you can be confident that we have your best interest at heart. We want you to embrace and embody yoga, to feel, become it, and live it. We invite you to come and spend some time with us and train in a supportive and loving environment.

Who is this course for

The tribe yoga teacher training is for those who are ready to challenge themselves and wish to journey deeply into their Being. Photo – Austria.


No matter how many yoga courses you have been on. no matter where you are in your personal practice, or how long you have been teaching, this course is going to catapult you into a whole new way of experiencing and expressing yourself on your yoga mat and will recalibrate and reform what and how you share yoga with others. During these 7-day intensive, yoga teachers, regardless of whether you are newly trained or experienced the invitation is to dive deeper into personal practice whilst exploring and refining a wider range of teaching skills.

We especially welcome you if you are a certified teacher (or a teacher in training) who has studied solely online and now you feel eager to have your practice and teaching assessed in person. Ongoing personal access to experienced teachers and the opportunity to develop and grow through peer teaching within groups is a super beneficial and highly valuable experience… not to be missed!

Our Teachers

Teachers and assistants gather together for a meeting in Goa, India


We have a fiery passion is to share our love and practice of yoga wherever we go and we walk through life embracing and embodying authentic yoga teachings, not just practicing but living yoga. We love to come together as the ‘ Tribe’. Its where we get to share, learn and grow with each other.  

On all of our teaching teams, the combined years of experience creates a diverse and varied skill-set for students to learn from. We all have a deep appreciation for the yoga sutras and are keen to make the teachings practical and applicable to everyday living.

The opportunity to support students from all over the world to become teachers is amazing. It’s amazing to see how much can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time. To see graduates at the end of the training, fully confident, fully in love with yoga, fully focused on a mission to share yoga with others is our biggest reward.

What makes our training very special is the unique personalities of the teachers. Tribe teachers are all fascinating individuals who each bring something different to the training. All of us have been living yogic lifestyles for many years and express ourselves with a deep aspiration to evolve.

We consider ourselves to be quite progressive and all have studied and practiced different styles of Hatha Yoga including Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, Dynamic Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Kundalini. The fusion of asana, pranayama, and meditation styles & techniques that we offer creates a complete journey of both movement and stillness and our trainings.

We work towards maintaining a safe and sacred space so that you can experience a supportive and nurturing environment to express and explore yourself without judgment or expectation.


These courses are completed in a residential setting. A high level of discipline, focus, and commitment are required to successfully complete the syllabus.

At the end of each course, you will receive a 50-hour Continuing Education Certificate of Completion that can be used to maintain your Yoga Alliance Registration.

Trainees who successfully complete all 4 courses receive an internationally recognized 200hr yoga teacher certificate, accredited by Yoga Alliance, and the Yoga Register giving a teaching status to teach whatever style of yoga they love and practice.

During the training, you are assessed continuously throughout. Attitude and commitment towards practice & teaching, personal accomplishment & progress, and the ability to understand express & share the teachings are all considerations in deciding whether a trainee has successfully completed the course. Trainees are required to reflect the aptitude and attitude of a yoga aspirant and be safe and sensitive in their delivery of the yoga teachings.It is Tribes experience that all students who apply themselves to the best of their ability pass. In the rare case that a trainee needs additional time, certification can be issued at a later date when the teaching standard is met.


Day 1
*16.00:  Opening Ceremony
*18.00:  Dinner
*19-30: Evening Sadhana

Day 2 – 6
*06-15: Daily Reading, Led Sadhana*
*10-00: Smoothie.
*10.30: Lecture & Asana Methodology & Teaching skills
*13-00: Lunch.
*13-30: Break / Free Time
*15-30: Adjustments and Teaching Skills & Practice
*19-00: Dinner
*20-00: Evening practice**

Day 7
*06-15: Daily Reading, Led Sadhana *
*10-00: Smoothie
*11.00: Closing Ceremony & Graduation

* Asana, Pranayama, Meditation
** Chanting, Yoga Nidra or Meditation


Mornings begin with a 3 1/2 hr Sadhana practice; a sequence of asana, pranayama, kriya, and meditation that reflects the teachings of the week. These led classes have a Tribe teacher leading and a 2nd Tribe teacher assisting, so you get constant attention and immediate feedback on your practice. Immediately after morning sadhana there is space for questions, feedback, and reflections on the practice.

After the mid-morning break, there is a 60-minute lecture that delivers essential theory and spiritual wisdom. This is where you have those eureka moments. Where the penny drops and everything becomes more clear and your foundation of knowledge and understanding are strengthened. Very often these lectures are transformational in terms of your practice and teaching and also have a profound and life-changing effect on you as an individual. The 2nd half of the morning is dedicated to Asana Methodology & Teaching skills in preparation for the afternoon session.

Long afternoon sessions are a continuation of the morning session, with teaching skills which include adjustments, verbal instruction,  mini practicums, etc. This is where theory meets application and your verbal instructions, demonstration techniques, and your demeanor as a teacher blossoms into its full potential so you are able to better serve your students.

On most evenings we end the day with a nourishing practice of Chanting, Yoga Nidra or Meditation


It’s not possible for us to assess your level of practice by what you write on your application. In our experience, a student who has been practicing for just 6 months could have an equal level of practice as a student who has studied for many years.

Who you have been taught by, the quality of teachings you have received, your personal ability to digest and assimilate the practice, the consistency and continuity with which you practice are all important factors. This means the responsibility is on you to decide if you are ready for this training.

What we can say is that these weeks are intensive retreats that will shift the way you think and feel about yourself, will broaden your horizons, and give you are a rich and unforgettable experience that will inevitably produce life-changing effects.

Please remember this training is not a yoga holiday. Everyone who applies for this course must be ready for an intensive period of yoga study and practice. Its a lot of hard work that brings many rewards 🙂

Trainee Support

We recognize that intensive yoga training can be physically and mentally demanding to create a relaxed and stress-free learning experience we implement the following:

  • Study Groups:
    Tribe teachers are fully available throughout the training to attend to all student needs. Tribe trainings work on the basis of a 3 teacher minimum so that all trainees have access to teachers and receive personal attention whenever required. If there are more than 15 students we introduce study groups so that trainees get to work closely with a teacher.

  • Personal Interviews:
    During the training, trainees have a personal interview with one of the main teachers to discuss their self-practice and other personal matters.

  • Complimentary massage:
    When included in the training package students receives a complimentary massage to relax and rejuvenate during the training.
    (please check individual training information for more details)


Trainings are priced individually according to the venue costs. Generally, we prefer to select more upmarket venues so students can practice and study in relative comfort. However, we do our best to keep the price affordable whilst simultaneously delivering a high quality training experience

To Book

Step 1

Choose YTT Dates

Step 2

Pay Registration Fee

Step 3

Complete Application Form

  1. Complete the application form and registration fee
  2. Upon acceptance pay deposit to finalize your booking and secure your place
  3. Receive pre-study assignments and reading list recommendations.
  4. Final balance payment (minus the registration fee and deposit) due on arrival.
  5. COVID: In the event of a lockdown we will offer to either move your spot to any future training or refund the deposit. Please note if you book through another website they may not have the same refund policy