300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Date & Location

Goa, India 300 hrs


Early Bird Discount

March 2024

4 Weeks

Thailand 300hrs


Next Dates to be Announced

4 Weeks

Why Tribe

Tribe yoga teacher training, teachers and graduates, Goa, India


Attending a Tribe yoga teacher training course means you have chosen both an integral and experienced yoga school. It is a great investment of your time, money and energy. During the training Tribe teachers invite you to explore and embody profound teachings that are transmitted in an easy to digest manner.

We nurture the individuality of each student through a fusion of yoga styles and disciplines and trainees readily connect and resonate with our ‘down to earth’ approach. As well as pranayama, meditation and asana we introduce conscious eating, purification practices, healing, chanting and other spiritually empowering practices. All fertile ground for long-lasting transformation.

This is a very personalized training whereby students and teachers share space in a way that quickly creates a group dynamic of trust and loving energy. Tribe teachers establish a special atmosphere that supports participants to relax into the possibilities of growth and change and open the doors for new and wonderful experiences.

Over the past 12 years, Tribe has successfully trained over 800 teachers and for that reason we have many students come to us through a recommendation from others who have been on a Tribe YTT. For those of you who have not had any personal introduction or recommendation to us, we hope you resonate with our approach and can trust in the longevity of our program and our years of experience.

Who is this course for


Level 2 is intensive with a challenging 6 days per week schedule. The asana, pranayama, meditation, and other yoga disciplines in the training are suited to yoga practitioners who already have a regular practice and feel that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to go to a deeper level of self-exploration. A high level of commitment is required.

can apply yourself to the training with 100% focus and maturity and express a yogic attitude of sensitivity, honesty, openness, equanimity, acceptance, and self-discipline.


You can measure your commitment on the basis of whether you think you

All trainees must have an established self-practice which includes a balance of asana, pranayama, and meditation. Trainees are required to teach a class and give a lecture of their choice on the training..


.   .

Our Teachers

Teachers and assistants gather together for a meeting in Goa, India


We have a fiery¬†passion is to¬†share¬†our love and practice of yoga wherever we go and we walk through life embracing and embodying authentic yoga teachings, not just practicing but living yoga. We love to come together as the ‘ Tribe’. Its where we get to share, learn and grow with each other. ¬†

On all of our teaching teams, the combined years of experience creates a diverse and varied skill-set for students to learn from. We all have a deep appreciation for the yoga sutras and are keen to make the teachings practical and applicable to everyday living.

The¬†opportunity to support students from all over the world to become teachers is amazing. It’s amazing to see how much can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time. To see graduates at the end of the training, fully confident, fully in love with yoga, fully focused on a mission to share yoga with others is our biggest reward.

What makes our training very special is the unique personalities of the teachers. Tribe teachers are all fascinating individuals who each bring something different to the training. All of us have been living yogic lifestyle’s for many years and express ourselves with a deep aspiration to evolve.

We consider ourselves to be quite progressive and all have studied and practiced different styles of Hatha Yoga including Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, Dynamic Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Kundalini. The fusion of asana, pranayama and meditation styles & techniques that we offer creates a complete journey of both movement and stillness and our trainings.

We work towards maintaining a safe and sacred space so that you can experience a supportive and nurturing environment to express and explore yourself without judgment or expectation.

Duration & Certification

Trainees are assessed continuously throughout the duration of the training. Attitude and commitment towards practice & teaching, personal accomplishment & progress, and the ability to understand express & share the teachings are all considerations in deciding whether a trainee has successfully completed the course. Trainees are required to reflect the aptitude and attitude of a yoga teacher and pass the final assessments.

It is Tribes experience that all students who apply themselves to the best of their ability pass. In the rare case that a trainee needs additional time, certification can be issued at a later date when the teaching standard is me

Tribe is registered Yoga Alliance

With the Tribe 200 & 300 teaching certificate, you can register as an 500 RYT (registered yoga teacher) with Yoga Alliance.



This is an immersion course and the schedule reflects the level of practices and teachings that we wish to explore and experience. The days are long and require each student to surrender into the timetable and engage fully and completely with the process that the training presents. To complete the training successfully you need to attend all sessions in a focus and dedicated way.

Typical Schedule as follows:

Monday to Friday
06.00 : Morning Sadhana
10.00 : Morning Break & Smoothie
10.30 : Asana Clinic, Applied Anatomy, Philosophy etc
13.00 : Lunch
15.30 : Teaching skills & lectures etc
19.00 : Dinner
20.00 : Kirtan, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Sharing & Others

06-00 : Self Practice
09.15 : Sharing
10.00 : Morning Break & Smoothie
10.30 : Asana Clinic, Applied Anatomy, Philosophy etc
13.00 : Lunch
16.00 : Asana Clinic, Applied Anatomy, Philosophy etc
18.30 : Group sharing, lectures etc
19.00 : Dinner
20.00 : Kirtan, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Sharing & Others


Please check individual training pages for cost as it varies from country to country