Energy Enhancement Retreat with the EEsystem Healing Technology


Retreats are open to everyone, no previous experience is needed to attend. We hope you can join us 😀


RETREAT No 1  Monday 17th – Thursday 20th July with Sound Healing, & Cacao Ceremony, Therapeutic Breathing & Meditation

RETREAT No 2 Friday 21st – Monday 24th  July with Sound Healing, & Cacao Ceremony, Silence & Meditation

Our specialty is to hold space for you to assimilate, digest and participate in activities and practices that nourish and support you to spiritualise your lifestyle and daily living on all levels. And these special retreat experiences are designed to ignite your body’s innate capacity to balance, harmonise, detoxify, and heal itself.

Retreats are a meeting place for expert teachers and like-minded people to embark on journeys of healing, personal development, and spiritual evolution all whilst simultaneously resting, recharging, and restoring in the energy field of the EESystem.
Retreats are open to everyone, no previous experience is needed to attend. We hope you can join us 😀

€850 per retreat ( 4 days, 24hrs in EESystem, 
€1500 2x retreats (8 days, 48hrs in EESystem)
The above price is
equivalent to 35 euros per hour

Each retreat includes:

  • 24 hrs in EESystem
  • Retreat Activity/Practices
    Cacao Ceremony, Meditation, Therapeutic Breathing, and more
  • Sound Healing
  • Group Health & Wellness Coaching/Sharing
  • Guided Meditative Relaxation (yoga nidra)
  • Breathwork

Accommodation not included.
Maximum 16 spots per retreat. Book in early to avoid disappointment!
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Enter the energy field of the EESystem and supercharge your self-practice under the guidance and support of advanced yoga teachers.  These are ‘Mysore style’ asana sessions to stretch, breath,  and get personal guidance on your practice whilst inside the energy field of the EESystem.
Limited spots available. Participants must be experienced in yoga asana and be able to self-practice.

€150 (4hrs)

Price includes:

  • 4hrs in EESystem
  • Mysore Practice
  • Sound Healing
  • Cacao Meditation & Sharing Circle

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ULTIMATE HEALING RETREAT No 1  Monday 17th – Thursday 20th July
with Sound Healing, & Cacao Ceremony, Therapeutic Breathing & Meditation

ULTIMATE HEALING RETREAT No 2 Friday 21st – Monday 24th  July 
with Sound Healing, & Cacao Ceremony, Silence & Meditation

Retreats start day 1 at 6 pm & end day 4 at 12 pm

Days 1, 2 & 3
18.00: Opening Circle
Day 1 Retreat: Sound healing & Cacao Ceremony. A shamanic journey to experience the power of plant medicine and sound. Opening the heart and raising the vibration to rebalance and heal on all levels.
Day 2 Retreat No 1 : Therapeutic Breathwork. Working with the breath to release deep-seated tensions and trauma. Extremely profound and therapeutic.
Day 2 Retreat No 2: Silence. Lie back and relax in stillness and silence or wear headphones and enjoy healing music or pre-recorded meditations.
Day 3: Guided Healing Meditation. In this meditation, you are guided to travel through your body igniting the body’s innate healing powers.
20.30:  Silent Time
21.30:  Sharing Circle Those who wish are invited to share their experiences
22:00:  End of session 1

Days 2, 3 & 4
08.00:  Conscious Living Talk & Sharing
08.30:  Breathwork, Guided Meditative Relaxation, Sound Healing 
10.00:  Silent Time
12.00:  Session ends
Saltwater Spa Visit (optional)


Saturday 15th July

07.30: Led warm-up  with opening chant & sun salutations
08.00: Self-practice With personal instruction and adjustments from a Senior teacher
10.00: Led Savasana/Yoga Nidra/Sound Healing
11.15:   Sharing
12.00:  Session ends
Saltwater Spa Visit (optional)


Other retreats to be announced:
Natural Women Retreats  /  Tantric Living /  Movement, Massage & Healing. /  Friends of Nature /  Herbal Wellness /  Tantra for beginners




'I am what I am Becoming - more sensitive, more aware, more awake. A natural deepening into a more wholesome existence. That which hinders or harms simply and effortlessly dropping away. Available to awareness, wisdom,...

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Scarlett Dee

Tribe YTT Senior Teacher & Facilitator

A host of amazing yoga teachers, healers and therapists join us on various events and offerings to share their expertise and skills to support you on your journey of personal development, healing and spiritual growth....

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Guest Teachers

to be announced

Venue & Accomodation


Salzgammergut is located in the heart of the Austrian Alps, a picturesque and traditional area of Austria that can be easily reached by train or car from Salzburg, Linz, Graz, or Vienna.
Surrounded by pristine nature; mountains, forests, and freshwater lakes the local area is quiet and peaceful and especially conducive to connecting with nature and recharging.
With unspoiled nature all around there are lots of outdoor activities such as paragliding, canyoning, horse riding, hiking, lake swimming, etc to get out in nature and have fun!
All villages and towns in the area are Spa towns with natural sources of healing waters.  And all rivers, lakes, and waterfalls are drinking water quality…. Paradise!

There are lots of accommodation options in the area.
Single room in the neighboring guest house from 45 euros per night
In the village, we recommend Hotel Kogler  



Your body kicks into healing mode (parasympathethic mode) at rest and when not eating. Water fasting would be ideal for a healing retreat. Healing sping water is available throughout your visit.
To support the purification process order a Green Veggie Juice (€10 per glass). The juice is packed with goodness, vitamins and nutrition sufficient to nourish and support your EESystem Retreat experience.

We request that in the Retreat space you do not bring anything to snack on. Liquid refreshment such as teas, juices  are permitted if packaged in a botttle with a lid.

Travel info

Bad Mitterndorf is located in the heart of the Austrian Alps
Fly to Vienna, Salzburg, Graz or Linz. Also possible to fly to Munich (Germany)
* Graz,  Train 2½ hrs, By Road 2hrs
* Linz, Train 2½ hrs, By Road 90 mins
* Salzburg, Train 3-4 hrs, By Road 90 mins
* Vienna, Train 4-5 hrs, By Road 3hrs
* Munich Train 4-5  hr, By Road 3hrs

Please check your country visa requirements.

Spa treatments

The Salt Water Spa is a short drive away. The highlight of  a spa visit is the large salt crystal and salt cave, which invites you to slow down and relax as you float effortlessly in warm salty water.
The Spa visit is the perfect completion to the EESystem experience as a salt bath will complement and support the detoxing and purification process that a EESystem retreat kicks into action.
(25 Euros per visit)