Energy Enhancement Retreat with the EEsystem Healing Technology



Retreat Practices & modalities:
Detox / Sound Healing / 9D Transformational Breathwork / Cacao Ceremony / Wild Rose Ceremony / Meditation / Yoga Nidra / Silence /  Ice Bath /  Mindful Movement / Massage & Healing 

This retreat is an invitation for spiritual practitioners/seekers/curious, and coaches to come together and experience the EESystem in a sacred space.

Our specialty is to hold space for you to assimilate, digest, and participate in activities and practices that nourish and support you to spiritualize your lifestyle and daily living on all levels. These special retreat experiences are designed to ignite your body’s innate capacity to balance, harmonize, detoxify, and heal itself.

Retreats offer a safe container for like-minded people to embark on journeys of healing, personal development, and spiritual evolution all whilst simultaneously resting, recharging, and restoring in the energy field of the EESystem.

Our Healing Modalities & Spiritual Practices

Silence Time to meditate, stretch, read, chill, or do whatever you like with the energy field of the EESystem

9D Transformational Breathwork is a powerful practice that invites you to dive deep into a somatic experience that supports the release of deep-seated tensions and trauma. The experience may be cathartic or euphoric but what is common for all is the feeling of self-empowerment and spiritual upliftment that this profound practice delivers you to.

Yoga Nidra is a deeply restorative and restful experience that allows us to access the subconscious mind where we can plant the seed of change that brings about, and supports,  personal development and spiritual transformation. In this practice, you simply lie down or sit in a comfortable position and enjoy the guided journey.

Power Plant ceremonies are a beautiful way to connect with nature and receive healing, support, and nurturing. Cacao, hibiscus, and wild rose are some of the beautiful power plant frequencies that we use in our sacred gatherings.

Sound Healing takes us deep into the multiple layers of our Being. Bathing in frequency and vibration invites us to completely relax into the healing zome and power of our body and soul.

Spiritual Discourse relax in the Eesystem and be soothed by the wisdom and guidance of great masters such as Osho, Alan Watts, Thích Nhất Hạnh, and others.

Mindful Movement use this time to self-practice or do gentle stretching and easy yoga flows to support release of tension in the body and prepare for the deeper more subtle internal practices

Ice Bath  is a fun challenge to strengthen your willpower and gives your system a boost with a daily dip in our natural outdoor bathing

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ARRIVAL: Check-in @ 2 pm,
3 pm: Relax in the EEystem or go for a walk
5 pm Introduction & welcome circle
DEPARTURE : Breakfast @10.30,  Check-out @11 am


  • 07.00: Self-practice – Mindful Movement (optional) or go for a morning walk in nature!
  • 08.30: Meditation into Silence 
  • 08.30: 9D Transformational Breathwork.
  • 10.00: Relaxation time
  • 11.00: Brunch

During break time, we encourage you to enjoy the beauty and energy of the surrounding nature or engage in the sports & activities typical to this mountain area. Or you can go to one of the local spas for a sauna.
You are also welcome to spend quiet time in the EESystem


  • 14.00: Quiet time in the EESystem (optional)
  • 18.00:Dinner
  • 18.45: Silent Time
  • 19.15: Evening Talk/Video
  • 19.45: Down-regulation Practices – yoga nidra, meditation, hands-on healing,  9d breathwork etc
  • 20.45: End of Session

TO BOOK: Pay deposit via checkout
or contact us and let’s have a chat



'I am what I am Available to awareness, wisdom, truth. Softening into that place of relaxation, peace, joy, smiles, laughter & love.' - Scarlett Dee Meet Scarlett, a dedicated soul on a journey that spans...

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Scarlett Dee

Yoga/Tantra Teacher, Breathwork Coach, Hypnotherapist, Bodyworker, Sound Healer

A host of amazing yoga teachers, healers and therapists join us on various events and offerings to share their expertise and skills to support you on your journey of personal development, healing and spiritual growth....

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Guest Teachers

to be announced

Venue & Accomodation

A visit to us, in the Austrian Alps, offers you the perfect opportunity to take a break from the stress and strain of your everyday living, to breathe in the fresh mountain air, to be recharged by unspoiled nature, and to take time out for yourself and your spiritual practice.

Salzgammergut is located in the heart of the Austrian Alps, a picturesque and traditional area of Austria that can be reached by train or car from Salzburg, Linz, Graz, or Vienna.
Surrounded by pristine nature; mountains, forests, and freshwater lakes the local area is quiet and peaceful and especially conducive to connecting with nature and recharging.
There are lots of outdoor activities such as paragliding, canyoning, horse riding, hiking, lake swimming in the Spring, Summer & Autumn, and then every winter sport you can imagine in the winter, etc
The area is the perfect place to get out in nature and have fun!

All villages and towns in the area are Spa towns with natural sources of healing waters.  And all rivers, lakes, and waterfalls are drinking water quality…. Paradise!

   eesystem, 9d breathwork, cocao ceremony retreats in austria

The EESystem is installed in a wooden lodge that was brought down from the mountain and lovingly restored. All the building materials are natural, with wooden floors, ceilings and walls. The perfect natural setting to relax and unwind in.


Directly next door to our EESystem room is the Lucker Mill House, a 17th-century House that was renovated in 2022, without losing its charm.

This retreat has a family atmosphere.  A shared space that you treat as your own home:) Meals: If you want to help with some cooking that’s appreciated and treating the place respectfully, and keeping the place tidy and clean goes without saying 🙂

Single and Shared options are available

Bedroom 1, 1 king bed
Bedroom 2, 1 king bed
Bedroom 3, 2 single beds
Bedroom 4, 1 king bed
Bedroom 5, 1 king bed
Bedroom 6, 1 single bed, 1 small double bed
Next Date: 5 – 8 July
Sharing Accommodation: £1100 (€1280)
Single Accommodation: £1275 (€1480)

: £900 (€1050) plenty of airbnb and hotels in the village to choose from. we recommend the Grimming Lofts, which are just around the corner. OR Hotel Kögler.


Non-residential options may become available in which case we recommend Hotel Kogler 

T +43 (0)3623 23 25 | F +43 (0)3623 31 07 |




Simple vegetarian (mostly vegan) ‘family’ style meals will be prepared.
A typical menu for the day

Brunch: choice of eggs, porridge, museli, homemade jams, breads, crackers, fruits, non diary milks

Dinner: Dishes such as  1) Dahl & rice, 2) Thai Curry, 3) Stir fry veg & tofu, 4) Soup & salad


Your body kicks into healing mode (parasympathetic mode) at rest and when not eating. Water fasting would be ideal for a healing retreat. Healing spring water is available throughout your visit.

If you wish to fast to support the purification and detox process you can pre-order Green Veggie Juice. The juice is packed with goodness, vitamins, and nutrition sufficient to nourish and support your EESystem Retreat experience.


Travel info

We are located in the heart of the Austrian Alps, 800 meters elevation in the center of Austria

Address 38 Neuhofen, Bad Mitterndorf, 8983

see MAP 

Fly to Vienna, Salzburg, Graz or Linz. Also possible to fly to Munich (Germany)

* Graz,  Train 2½ hrs, By Road 2hrs
* Linz, Train 2½ hrs, By Road 90 mins
* Salzburg, Train 3-4 hrs, By Road 90 mins
* Vienna, Train 4-5 hrs, By Road 3hrs
* Munich Train 4-5  hr, By Road 3hrs

Cheap taxi rides are available with Get Transfer.. you can put a lower offer and someone will accept. I recently booked a taxi from Vienna Airport to Bad Mitterndorf for 200 Euros

Car hire
It’s a great idea to rent a car Salzburg is just 100km by road. And then you can move around freely to all the lovely nature spots in the area.

Please check your country’s visa requirements.

Spa treatments

The Narssizen Therme Salt Water Spa is a short drive away. The highlight of  a spa visit is the large salt crystal and salt cave, which invites you to slow down and relax as you float effortlessly in warm salty water.
The Spa visit is the perfect completion of the EESystem experience to complement and support the detoxing and purification process that kicks into action. (25 Euros per visit)

Hands-on healing book a private one-to-one healing session, contact us for more info

Detox Salt – we supply you with bath salt to have a salt bath or foot bath after your time in the Eesystem. This is an important protocol to help eliminate toxins and reduce any symptoms of detox