Energy Enhancement Retreat with the EEsystem Healing Technology



We are currently on the waiting list for the EESystem. Expected installation will be announced in 2023. You can register now and make an advance reservation by completing the 100 euros deposit and filling in the registration form. You will then be first in line when dates are announced.



The centre is open for private bookings during the following times twice a month after the scheduled retreats. Contact us to check availability.
Sunday 7pm – Tues 8am. 



Retreats 1 & 2 start 6pm and finish 1pm the following day (19hrs).
Retreats are scheduled one after the other on weekends.

18.00:  Retreat Opens for arrivals & Green juice liquid Meal
18.15:  Opening Circle, Intros & Sharing 
19.15:  Therapeutic Breathwork (Retreat 1)
19.15:  Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath (Retreat 2)
20.30:  Yoga Nidra
21.15:  Spiritual Discourse
21.45:  Lights Out for Bedtime

07.15:  Morning Stretch, Breathwork & Cold Water Therapy
08:15:  Green Nutrition Drink
08:45:  Salt water Spa Visit
12.15:  Closing Circle & Sharing
13.00:  Retreat Ends


RETREAT 3 : Silent Retreat

18.00:  Retreat Opens for arrivals & Green juice liquid Meal
18.15:  Opening circle, Intros & Sharing 
19.30:  Silence begins
22.00:  Lights Out for Bedtime

08:00:  Silence ends with Morning Meditation & Green Nutrition Drink
08:45:  Salt water Spa Visit
12.15:  Closing Circle & Sharing
13.00:  Retreat Ends



08.00: Led warm-up to standing, opening chant & sun salutations
08.45: Self practice with personal instruction and adjustments from Senior teachers
10.15: Led Savasana
10.45: Sharing circle with Cacao Meditation
11.30:  Salt Water Spa visit & Green Nutrition Drink 



'I am what I am Becoming - more sensitive, more aware, more awake. A natural deepening into a more wholesome existence. That which hinders or harms simply and effortlessly dropping away. Available to awareness, wisdom,...

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Scarlett Dee

Tribe YTT Senior Teacher & Facilitator

We are very lucky to have a network of amazing yoga teachers, healers and therapists who join us to share their expertise and understanding on our Tribe events. see individual courses for more info

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Guest Teachers

to be announced

Venue & Accomodation


Our retreat space is located in the heart of the Austrian mountains in Salzkammergut, Styria, a picturesque and traditional area of Austria which can be easily reached by train from Salzburg, Linz, Graz or Vienna.
We are surrounded by pristine nature; mountains, forest, freshwater lakes. The local area is quiet and peaceful and especially conducive to connecting with nature and recharging.
For those seeking a weekend getaway this is the perfect location.

Overnight stays:
Our lovingly created retreat space is a beautifully crafted all wooden traditional Austrian mountain lodge.
For overnight stays single mattresses are spaced out in the healing space in dormaitory style.
A camping mattress is provided or if you prefer you can bring your own airbed/camping mattress.
Please bring a blanket or sleeping bag, a sheet and pillow.
Especially if you are a light sleeper we encourage you to bring ear plugs and eye masks.

Please be sensitive that you will be in a shared space and take the following into consideration:

  • If you are a loud snorer it may be wise to book a private overnight stay to avoid disturbing others.
  • To maximise a positively charge energy field use of mobiles and electronic devices are not allowed in the healing space.
  • Please do not bring any food into the space. Drinks in bottles or with containers with close lids are allowed.
  • Do not apply heavy perfumes or scents to your body in advance of your arrival.



You body kicks into healing mode (parasympathethic mode) at rest and when not eating. Fasting would be the ideal for these retreats. However for a more gentle approach and for those who are not used to fasting we serve a green nutrition drink in the evening and in the morning. The drink is packed with goodness, vitamins and nutrition and will be sufficient nourishment for the time you are with us. We encourage you to follow the program and request that you do not bring anything to snack on.

No outside food within the centre. Green nutrition drink (7 euros) available on order.

Liquid refreshment such as teas, juices  are permitted if packaged in a botttle with a lid.
Fresh spring water & Camomile tea available at all times free of charge

Travel info

Location: 15 mins by road from Bad Aussee, Salzgammergut

Fly to Vienna, Salzburg, Graz or Linz. Also possible to fly to Munich (Germany)
* Graz,  train 2½ hrs, car 2hrs
* Linz, train 2½ hrs, car 90 mins
* Salzburg, train 3-4 hrs, car 90 mins
* Vienna, train 4-5 hrs, car 3hrs
* Munich 4-5  hr, car 3hrs

Please check your country visa requirements.

Spa treatments

The brine bath which we will visit on the morning of each retreat Narzissen Vital Resort Bad Aussee is a short drive away. The spa has a diverse range of salt water pool experiences. The highlight of the bathing hall is the large salt crystal and salt cave, which invites us all to slow down
The Spa visit is the perfect completion to the EESystem experience as the advise is to take a salt bath to complement and support the detoxing and purification process that you have been through.