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'I am what I am Available to awareness, wisdom, truth. Softening into that place of relaxation, peace, joy, smiles, laughter & love.' - Scarlett Dee With over three decades of dedicated exploration, Scarlett has forged...

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Scarlett Dee

Yoga/Tantra Teacher, Breathwork Coach, Sound Healer, Spiritual Life Coach

A host of amazing yoga teachers, healers and therapists join us on various events and offerings to share their expertise and skills to support you on your journey of personal development, healing and spiritual growth....

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Guest Teachers

to be announced

Venue & Accomodation

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Our venue is located in the heart of the Austrian mountains in Salzkammergut, Styria, a picturesque and traditional area of Austria which can be easily reached by train from Salzburg, Linz, Graz or Vienna. The local area is quiet and peaceful and especially conducive to connecting with nature and recharging.

The Tribe mountain lodge is a unique, beautiful and amazing place to stay on retreat . The lodge has been built of natural materials providing a healthy atmosphere to live in. Built only from wood, stone & clay with heated walls and floors. The house is light, comfortable and spacious with antique furnishings, open fireplaces and elegant works of art. There is a reading room, large communal kitchen, large dining room, 7 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms, and living room with open fire and lots of outdoor space

In addition to the mountain lodge a nearby Guesthouse is available for students who wish to have single accommodation.

Climate & Clothing
Generally Bad Mitterndorf enjoys varied weather conditions from clear blue skies and sunny warm days to mountain storms. In summer when the weather is most  favourable you can often wear light clothing in the daytime with temperatures in the 20’s and early 30’s. The mountain weather can be changeable so come prepared for high and low temperatures.  Mornings in the mountains are typically fresh!


Day 1 :
Afternoon Tea & Evening Vegan Meal

Day 2 – 6
Green Veggie juice fast.
If you feel the fast may be too much for you please get in touch so we can discuss possible additions to the fast to make attending the retreat more possible for you.

Day 7
Vegan Breakfast


Travel info

International flights. Fly to Vienna, Salzburg, Graz or Linz. Also possible to fly to Munich (Germany)
Trains to ‘Bad Mitterndorf-Heilbrunn’ station:
* Graz, 2½ hrs,
* Linz, 2½ hrs,
* Salzburg, 3 hrs,
* Vienna, 4 hrs,
* Munich 4½  hrs
Check the OBB website for train timetable and ticket prices

Please check your country visa requirements.

Student Testimonials


September 2023 will be our first Shati Embodiment Retreat and so we hope you will be the first to give us a glowing testimonial. Rest assured we have been holding space for transformational experiences for many years and Tribe is known for it high calibre of events and teachers. You will be in safe hands 🙂

Evi Van Meirhaeghe, (Belgium)
Thailand March 2011

… And then, of course, there is the fantastic teaching team. Each and every teacher has their own teaching style and has heaps of knowledge to offer to the students. I learned so much from each of them. Every day presented challenges, adventures, and growing opportunities on and off the mat, as we learned more about yoga asana, pranayama, philosophy, Ayurveda, the chakras.

Bihter Atayurt Argun (Turkey)
Austria August 2014

One word that summarizes my experience with Tribe is ‘’transformative’’. I came out a different person. More conscious, with a better attitude towards myself and the universe and a deeper understanding of what Life is all about…

Tamara Cavernelis-Grant, (South Africa)
India January 2015

Tribe possesses a professional teaching faculty, who are motivated, encouraging, well experienced, in addition to being masterfully talented in their teaching capabilities. Not only has completing the training deepened my dedication and motivation towards my own personal practice, but it has also led to enlightening self-discovery and beautiful awakening.


Claire Wilson, UK
England October 2018

…  I am indebted to Tribe and all of their trainers as they shared their knowledge, passion. I really felt there was time and space to listen and be attentive to the physical and spiritual changes that were happening, which was wonderful. 

Zuzana Holtby
Austria 2016

It was exactly during this course that I felt like I arrived home. I learned a lot. I felt very alive and became super-sensitive to the things I hadn’t been previously aware of. Thanks to this, I was able to work on myself not just as a yoga teacher but more so as a human being. Through the beautiful presence of the teachers, I allowed myself to soften into knowing, that all truly is well!”