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Scarlett Dee

Tribe YTT Senior Teacher & Facilitator
Philosophy, Ashtanga, Hatha, Tantra, Pranayama, Sound Healing

‘I am what I am

Becoming – more sensitive, more aware, more awake.
A natural deepening into a more wholesome existence.
That which hinders or harms simply and effortlessly dropping away.

Available to awareness, wisdom, truth. Softening into that place of relaxation, peace, joy, smiles, laughter & love.”

Since early adulthood, an unconventional and independent lifestyle of worldwide travels & spiritual endeavours. A rainbow spectrum of life experience into evermore choicelessness, freedom and simplicity. Slowly dissolving contours of the personal self to exist in silence, stillness & solitude.

Over 30 years practicing, and 20 years teaching & facilitating. Experiencing and experimenting through different spiritual traditions, styles and practices. Personally trained by Godfrey Devereux – Dynamic Yoga, Larry Schultz – Ashtanga & The Rocket, Agama – Hatha Yoga  & Tantra

“At the age of 20 frazzled by my circumstances and the age-long question ’what should I do with my life?’ I headed out to Asia. Through my travels encountering different people and places, it became transparent that I was at my happiest either deep in the heart of nature or in a place of worship. So I travelled exhaustively through Asia and most extensively through India, which I had a special affinity for. I saw India as a country deeply rooted in spiritual practices with a legacy of thousands of years great teachings and teachers.

I delved in and out of different yoga, meditation and spiritual practices for a number of turbulent years never really satisfied until I met a teacher of great significance to my life …Godfrey Devereux. With great clarity, he shared his understanding of Ashtanga-the eightfold path and the teachings of Advaita with me. I enthusiastically spent time as his apprentice and completed a teacher training which gave me an in-depth understanding and experience of yoga. Under guidance, I began to grasp the fundamentals of the practice of asana, which led to realisations on and off the mat. Through a deepening appreciation and practice of meditation and asana, the study of the Patanjali’s sutras and the absorption of the teachings of Advaita, life began to make sense and I relaxed more and more into the ‘Flow’. This was life-changing stuff! Yoga became an arena of discovery and exploration into my true nature and ultimately into the nature of life itself. On the mat, concepts became experienced realities and the fuzziness of daily existence began to clear as my various practices offered deepening transformations in my emotional, physical and mental being.

As the years passed I gravitated to the teachings of Tantra. With tantra life become more colourful, more meaningful, more eventful. My relationship to myself, other people, nature and especially my relationship to Spirit was transformed. Surrender, Gratitude, Connection & most of all Love are the pillars on which I now stand.

Like any great joy in life, I hope that the precious jewels of yoga and tantra can be experienced and shared all over the world. I would love to see people live through spiritual teachings exploring their true nature and realising their full potential. It would be great if all of us that have been touched by the great teachings can find ourselves journeying inward with awareness, good intentions and a connection to our inner wisdom to enrich our own, and the lives of people all around us, with relaxation, peace, joy, smiles, laughter and love. Most of all I would like spiritual aspirants to rediscover yoga and tantra as a spiritual path in a relaxed, easy-going and nourishing atmosphere, learning through the integral teachings that have been graciously left to us by the great yogis, saints and spiritual master of our past.”

Nowadays Scarlett spends her days living simply, guided & Soul soothed by Osho and Mother Nature


Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) & Continued Education Provider (YACEP)