Mark Ansari – Yoga Teacher

Mark Ansari

Born in London 28th August 1960, England Mark nowadays lives in Spain in the Summer and India during the Winter.

He has been teaching yoga since 1995 and is recognised as one of the first Ashtanga yoga teachers to settle and teach regular classes in the UK. After personally assisting the inspirational Derek Ireland on a daily basis for over a year in Crete and Goa 1994/95 Mark graduated to teaching the exciting and dynamic form of Hatha yoga which he had learnt. In addition to his initial training Mark has also studied asana, pranayama and meditation with some of the worlds most renowned gurus and teachers such as Clive Sheridan, Narayani Rabinovitch and Godfrey Devereux to name but a few.

Through all his studies his practice and teaching of Ashtanga has evolved and in many respects softened in order to allow his students to experience the true essence of the practice which for Mark is 'meditation in movement'.

From 1996 Mark spent 12 years as senior teacher at the prestigious LifeCentre in west London. He now teaches on retreats, workshops and teacher training courses in worldwide destinations including UK, Spain, Thailand and India.

'I have a strong passion for Ashtanga as a hatha yoga practice and a path of meditation. I am also exploring other techniques to reach those higher states of consciousness associated with spiritual practice'.

Mark is the author of the book "Yoga for Beginners" which was published in 1997. One of the early yoga books written offering an introduction to Ashtanga yoga.


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