Zuzana Kollarova

Zuzana was born in Slovakia in 1985. Being an active kid who loved to dance, she went on to study ballet and modern dance professionally. After finishing her studies in 2004 which gave her deeper understanding of movement and posture, she still felt that something was missing, and left the competitiveness of the profession behind to begin the next stage of her journey.

In search of what was missing, she moved to London, where she trained in numerous massage techniques including deep tissue, thai yoga and holistic massage. This further sparked her interest in the mind-body connection, the anatomy of human body and how it works. In 2006 she stumbled upon her first Yoga class and it felt like coming home. Her teacher's wisdom and strong presence drew her further into the world of Yoga.

In 2012, Zuzana completed her 200-hours training with British Wheel of Yoga, focusing on Hatha/Vinyasana styles and in 2014 she explored Ashtanga during her 500-hours with Tribe. She has also spent a period of time studying in India. She believes in learning Yoga from where it originated and then fuses this ancient knowledge with the modern teaching of the West.

She began her Yoga teaching by providing classes in the corporate world in London to help stressed individuals to find space and relaxation in their life. To regain a connection to nature, she moved to the Austrian alps, where she teaches an array of classes on a weekly basis, as well as giving one-to-one tuition.

"Bringing a holistic approach to Yoga, understanding that it's about much more than just Asana, has started the process of exploration. The postures become a metaphor for making our way through life. If we can stay balanced even in the most challenging events, we will likely find a life that is rewarding and full. Yoga teaches us that the mind is an incredibly powerful tool and that practice by practice, we can cultivate Yoga as a step-by-step process of self discovery. I am strongly of the belief, that we all need to live our lives more responsibly and keep in mind how our actions will affect people and the world around us. What first seemed purely a physical exercise has gradually spread into every area of my life. Each training has brought me a different aspect of growth, and guidance on the journey to discover what is hidden at the very core of my being – embracing who I am, finding out my calling and sharing it with others. On this ever-evolving journey, I’m learning to be patient, trusting and letting the gradual ripening take its place. I choose to see possibilities, rather then being scared of limitations."

What her student says: "Through her sensitive disposition and attentive, loving way, Zuzana was able to create a deliberate and inspired way in to yoga for me. Our weekly one-to-one sessions are important for me in many respects. Not only her conscientiousness and precision in the Asanas, but also her personal openness and authenticity create a climate which invites me to let go and relax."

anatomy teacher on level 1 trainings

On Tribe trainings Zuzana's main subject of expertise is Anatomy

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