Tribe Teachers

Bashaier Alharbi

Nutritionist, Family Specialist, Reiki practitioner, 9D Breathwork Facilitator.

“It has been always my passion to help people have the best time of their lives while living a healthy life and happily with their spouse and family.”  – Bashaier




Meet Bashaier, a pioneering Saudi woman and the Kingdom’s first certified female from the Breath Masters Academy holding the exclusive title of the only 9D BreathWork facilitator in the country. With an honor degree in Nutrition and Family Studies from The University of Western Ontario, Canada, she seamlessly blends her professional background in Sales, Marketing, and Management.

A social butterfly and mentor for eight years, Bashaier extends her passion for guiding adults and young adults to the realm of healing. Drawing from her transformative journey overcoming severe anorexia, binge eating, and Bulimia at the age of 17, she channels her experiences into a purpose: helping others forge a loving relationship with their souls, bodies, and lives

Beyond her diverse career, Bashaier has cultivated a wealth of experience in healing practices. Studying the psychology of eating and prioritizing holistic health, she not only loves her body but also dedicates herself to empowering others on their unique paths to self-discovery and healing.

In 2020, Bashaier received a life-altering diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis, a condition shrouded in mystery.

“What made it even more perplexing was the discovery of a lesion in my chest, right above my heart. No family history or apparent reasons explained this sudden health ordeal. As I sought answers from medical professionals, a startling revelation unfolded. The doctors suggested that the root cause might lie in past traumas. It seemed that, over time, I had become a silent repository for my emotions, holding them within, concealing the struggles that silently echoed within my chest. Severe depression, a relentless companion, had taken root, and my reluctance to reach out had woven a complex tapestry leading to the ominous lesion. I was. left with the understanding that the weight of unspoken words had carved a physical manifestation in my chest” – Bashaier.

Facing this revelation head-on, Bashaier made a life-altering decision. She chose to transform her pain into purpose, No longer content with the echoes of my unspoken pain, I resolved to be the voice not just for myself but for others ensnared in the shackles of unexpressed emotions. This journey was no longer solely about my own healing; it became a mission to extend a helping hand to those incapacitated by the weight of unspoken struggles.

Since that pivotal moment, Bashaier has devoted herself to breaking the silence surrounding mental health, encouraging others to share their emotions and seek the help they need. From the depths of her own challenges, a newfound purpose emerged: to be a voice of resilience, fostering a community where emotions find expression, and healing becomes a collective journey.

She has become an advocate for those who, like her, once found it difficult to voice their internal battles. Through this newfound purpose, she stands not just as a survivor but as a guide for others, illuminating the transformative power that comes with opening up about struggles. The lesion in her chest became a symbol not only of past pain but also of the resilience that emerges when people choose to speak, heal, and help others find their voices along the way.

Bashaier’s overarching goal is clear—to be a guiding light in the lives of those she encounters, fostering a profound and positive impact. Through her expertise, personal journey, and dedication to healing, she stands as a beacon for individuals seeking transformative experiences and a more harmonious connection with themselves.

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