Tribe Teachers

Sana Siddiqui

Mindset Coach, Reiki Practitioner & 9D Breathwork Facilitator

Meet Sana, a dynamic individual with LLB honors from England and a background in sales, marketing, and the world of Fashion in New York City, following her degree completion at Parsons. Beyond her professional achievements, she’s a dedicated philanthropist who led the CSR division in her family business. Sana’s journey reveals a lifelong attraction to spirituality, healing arts, and the creation of nurturing environments

 Her passion for horses evolved into a career as the only female professional polo player in Pakistan. This diverse background equipped her with the flexibility and strong mindset needed for collaboration both on and off the field.

 Amid life’s opportunities and challenges, Sana learned to flow through existence, always seeking expansion and growth. Three near-death experiences served as catalysts for her spiritual journey, emphasizing the transformative power of individual decisions during tough times.

 Spirituality remained a constant thread, providing anchor and courage throughout Sana’s life. Her belief in pursuing passion and authentic living led her to explore life coaching, driven by a desire to create supportive, reflective environments for herself and others.

 In 2021, Sana’s life took a significant turn when she became the primary caretaker for her mother during a near-death illness. This experience deepened her understanding, leading her to discover the magic of breathwork for healing.

 Today, Sana is a, Mindset coach, Reiki practitioner, 9D breathwork facilitator, and coach. Her eagerness to share the transformative power of breathwork stems from its profound impact on her own life. She combines breathwork with Reiki, offering clients a holistic approach to energetic healing.  Sana’s journey into coaching and healing was fueled by her own experiences of feeling alone during challenging times. Her mission is to ensure no one feels isolated, offering love, a safe space, and tools for transformation.

Embarking on a journey with Sana means an exploration of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Her work focuses on self-love, forgiveness, acceptance, and understanding. Driven by a desire to work with those seeking a deeper connection with themselves, Sana finds inspiration in individuals who showcase the magnificence of the human mind and body, demonstrating that anything is possible when aligned.