Tribe Teachers

María Herminia

Guest Teacher

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela located in South-America.

Yoga and I meet in my hometown, at my 18 years old. I was with a friend walking along and we saw this inviting place called yogashala and decided to go inside and ask for information about the classes, soon we took an introductory yoga course together and this is how it all started. I began to attend 2 classes a week, then 3, and suddenly I found myself on the mat everyday. I was so keen and commited that after some time I found a job at the shala as a manager and started to teach yoga classes without a certification, with the support and encouragement of my teachers.

At the beginning, yoga allowed me to experience glimpses of focus and lucidity that at the time felt quite unfamiliar. After time, I started to feel more active and alive in my body. Mind was raw, noisy and messy, yoga seemed to be offering an unexpected bite of tranquility and silence after squeezzing some good drops of sweat.

During Yoga I felt constantly invited into a dance between the effortless and the effortfull, which for me results into a seductive, evoking and engaging combination. This feeling continues to the day, sometimes more present than others.

Since then and after various events in between, including over 4 years of consistent practice on the mat, and completing my first 200hr yoga certification in early 2015 in Central America the days passed by and yoga became an anchor and a generous source of inspiration in my life to continue, supporting my own transformation and enhancing the connection to myself and everything.

I migrated from the tropic in early 2016 and moved to the UK with the support of my family. Without knowing much on what to expect, I had the intention of speaking at least a second language, find a job in something related with yoga to earn my living and get to experience cultures… discovering other ways of life and one of the biggest ones: investing more time studying and practising yoga.

I felt constantly drawn to the idea of ​​​​living in Europe, so I did. Through a syncrhonistical event I found my first job in England at a newly opened Yoga Studio in Crewe, the ‘Ministry of Yoga’ as the Summer of 2016 was kickstarting, mainly teaching yoga classes and adding up ideas and strategies to elevate the space and bring more people through the doors.

I invested time traveling through various countries in Europe and Asia while meticulously choosing teachers and life experiences that for some reason called me, I connected with wonderful teachers and invited them to come to the Ministry to continue creating community, enriching the studio spaces with valuable teachings. I was constantly in pursuit and achievement of many of my deepest dreams and also left room to welcome in experiences that purposefully appeared on my path outside all plans and obligations.

I now live in Barcelona, committed to openly share and teach my first hand experience of the teachings I have and have had the pleasure to receive, accompanied by love + inmense appreciation to all the past, present and future teachers and students that have transited along my path.

What I enjoy the most about sharing is cultivating long-lasting relationships with people, find themes that brings us together and see how we all transform whilst remaining the same in essence as the wheel of life continues the spin.