Tribe Teachers

Tasha Slinn

Tribe YTT Primary Teacher


Tash completed tribes 200hr teacher training in 2018 which made a compelling transformation in her life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Now teaching in the UK, she shares the healing practices of yoga, with an emphasis on breath-body-mind connection. Helping students to develop and cultivate a soft, subtle inner awareness connecting them to their current felt experience and needs of the present moment.

Her goal is to help get yoga part of mainstream health care, so yoga can be under to help heal the underprivileged and disadvantaged communities, making yoga universally accessible to everyone


‘The year I discovered yoga holds a most precious place in my heart, because they were the year I discovered yoga – or more like yoga found me. I tried yoga of curiosity thinking it was only a form of exercise I could use to achieve the aesthetic goals of “touching” my toes. ‘Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on your way down’ (Jigar Gor) Little did I know I would come to live and experience this quote first hand as my truth. My journey to “touching my toes” completely smashed down and exceeded my expectations of what I thought yoga was. On my way down to my toes, my eyes were opened to the beautiful & awe-inspiring journey yoga leads you on to rediscovering and coming back home to yourself! Back to the very core, back to the essence of what make’s you, YOU! Yoga offers you the knowledge, skills and practices to heal and transform on every level of your being physically, mentally and spiritually. The teachings, styles, techniques and practices of yoga are many, and widely differ. But it’s the ability to offer you a safe space to embark on your journey of self-awareness – to first of all to discover, then to simply feel & understand, find acceptance, and when you are ready to Being to release what is no longer needed. Space is then created for nourishment and enrichment! You change, adopt, let go off, apply, re-apply and morph to into your ever-growing changing and current unique needs. I spent years regularly attending yoga sessions at the ministry of yoga health and welling centre in Crewe, Cheshire, UK. Growing to love and explore the many variety’s yoga is expressed in, Hatha, yin, vinyasa, modified Ashtanga, kundalini, yoga nidra and meditation. I have flourished under the supportive guidance and teachings from my tribe senior yoga teacher and owner of the Ministry of Yoga, Shelley Aspden. From attending the Tribe YT, From assisting on a Tribe YTT and now as a junior teacher on the very same TTC’s. Life doesn’t get better!’