Tantra Workshop

Ferdinand, top of the mountains at the Tantra Workshop in Austria

This 2 day Tantra Workshop is complete with asana, energy work & meditations that support tantric practice and tantric living. You can also look forward to information packed lectures that help you orientate yourself in a more harmonious and spiritualised way in your day to day living and your relationships.

This is not a weekend of sex talk but the nature of the teachings naturally may create an ambience of erotica and a space to talk freely and frankly about sexuality. Whilst basic sexual Tantra teachings will be shared the main premise of the weekend will be to inspire individuals to embrace a tantric lifestyle in which every thought, word and action is illuminated by reverence for the divine.

This weekend will support you to change your perspective and approach life with a resounding YES that leads you into deeper more intimate experiences….. whether you are eating chocolate or making love.

Whilst all participants are adults and are free to experiment and do what they wish in their spare time please note that there will be no compulsory nudity or sexual activities facilitated during the workshop. There will be a number of extra curricular rituals of a more explicit nature for those who wish to be more adventurous.

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  • Hatha yoga
  • Energy exercises
  • Transfiguration
  • Music meditation


  • The true nature of love
  • Tantra history & tradition and tantric mentality
  • The chakra system and sexuality of the chakras
  • Sublimation of energy
  • The 7 forms of orgasm – womens talk
  • Curves of pleasure Brahmacharya – mens talk
  • Rites and rituals

Extra Curricular

  • Fire Ritual
  • Modified Maithuna Ritual (couples only)*

*The Maithuna includes practices of an intimate nature and is only for couples.


To be announced


300 Euros includes : Tantric teachings from certified Agama tantra instructors, 2 meals a day & shared accommodation for 2 nights


Sharing accommodation included in price.
Single options available at extra cost.


Healthy nutritious simple vegetarian brunch and dinner included in the cost.


Friday pm, leave Sunday pm

Cultivates a big YES in your life and dive deeply into experience

practice at the Tantra Workshop in Austria