Summer Solstice 108 Sun Salutations - Moving Mediation to send Peace & Love into the World


21st June 2022
5.30pm – 7.45pm

Please warm up in the 30 mins before the session starts

  1. Short meditation and setting of our intention 10 mins
  2. 108 sun salutations will be completed in approx 90mins. 9 rounds x 12 sun salutations approx, 95 mins
  3. Savasana and final meditation, 25 minsTotal practice time 2 hrs 15 mins



'I am what I am Becoming - more sensitive, more aware, more awake. A natural deepening into a more wholesome existence. That which hinders or harms simply and effortlessly dropping away. Available to awareness, wisdom,...

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Scarlett Dee

Tribe YTT Senior Teacher & Facilitator

We are very lucky to have a network of amazing yoga teachers, healers and therapists who join us to share their expertise and understanding on our Tribe events. see individual courses for more info

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Guest Teachers

to be announced