Anxiety Relief


DAY 1 

Opening Ceremony & overview

Step 1 Practice to Relax
Using therapeutic movement and breathwork to facilitate release & relaxation.
4,7,8 breath  7,11 breath,

Nourishment to balance
Addressing your eating habits and food choice to stay balance and enhance more happy hormones

Step 2 Practice to Balance
Nadi Shodhana

Sitting with a master
Spiritual discourse from a spiritual master to soothe the mind and soul

Step 3 Practice to Purify
Intro and practice of cleansing techniques that release emotional tension & stress

Go to’s for emergency relief
Essential oils, Mantra, Self Massage Affirmations & other great ways to enhance your daily living and become more conscious and present

Sharing & Closing


DAY 2 – 6

This is a  7 days commitment with a minimum of 30 mins per day to practice, explore, and experiment with part 1 teachings. You are invited to keep a 7-day diary.
All participants may join our private online group to share and comment on their experiences.
The teachers are contactable on a daily basis to give their support & guidance and clarify any questions or queries as they arise.


Opening Ceremony, Review & Sharing

Practice to Relax
Using therapeutic movement into the body to facilitate release & relaxation

Tapping & tadasana practice 
A fun and instant way to get into your body and out of your head

Nutrition & Conscious eating 
Exploring nutrition choices and one’s relationship to food for balance and purity

Kundalini Yoga Session
 ‘To take away Stress’  as taught by Yogi Bajan

Yoga Nidra
This amazing yogic technique is a beautiful way to end this program. Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating on many levels. A practice which allows you to travel into the realms of the subconscious and plant a personally appointed seed of change to enhance and promote self-growth and transformation

Sharing & Closing


Extra Info

Part 1 & 2 will last approximately 4 1/2 hrs

The practices and techniques in this program are consolidated teachings from our exclusive Detox Retreat that takes place bi-annually in Italy. A week program tailor-made for high profile professionals to destress and recharge.





Born in 1979, in Tuscany, Italy, movement and the body as an instrument to create harmony have always been an integral part of Gaia's life. She studied classical, modern and contemporary dance from 1987 to...

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Gaia Ceccarelli

Tribe YTT Senior Teacher & Facilitator, Female Wellness

'I am what I am Available to awareness, wisdom, truth. Softening into that place of relaxation, peace, joy, smiles, laughter & love.' - Scarlett Dee Meet Scarlett, a dedicated soul on a journey that spans...

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Scarlett Dee

Yoga/Tantra Teacher, Breathwork Coach, Hypnotherapist, Bodyworker, Sound Healer

Mays has been teaching & studying yoga for the last 8 years spending years traveling & learning deep spiritual practices from enlightening masters around the world. As well as teaching ashtanga, rocket, vinyasa & yin...

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Mays Ali

Yoga Teacher, Nutritional Therapist