The Tribe Level 1, 200 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Courses have been organically evolving since 2008. The teachers, manual and structure of our courses are considered by many to be first class. Studying with Tribe is a great investment of your time, money and energy. During the training Tribe teachers invite you to explore and embody profound teachings that are transmitted in an easy to digest manner.

The training focuses on ways to better enrich all aspects of your life. Introducing ways to let go of limiting beliefs & habits and cultivate new positive & beneficial ones. The result is life changing effects for all who are fortunate to attend a Tribe Level 1.

Level 1, 200 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training courses are suitable for people who want to become yoga teachers or those who would like to immerse themselves intensively into yoga practice.

Whatever your reason to join the Tribe training you can be sure the experience awaiting you is a challenging and rewarding one.


The Tribe Yoga Teacher Training focuses on developing life skills through various different practices…..not just asana.

Are you ready to rise early and start yoga at 6.00 am? 
-Are you ready for long days of physical and mental challenge, study & exploration? 

-Are you ready for periods of silence from wake up until after breakfast? 

-Are you ready to become more intimate with your emotions and your thoughts? 

-Are you ready to study alongside both beginners and more advanced students? 

-Are you ready to let go of judgments & criticisms about yourself & others? 

-Are you ready to let go of old beliefs and habits that don’t serve you? 

-Are you ready for long periods of sitting, in meditation & lectures? 

-Are you ready to live in a natural setting? 

-Are you ready to listen with an open mind? be honest and open? be sensitive and aware?

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